{Tuesday Randoms}


Happy Tuesday! Just a few randoms for you today.
I try and plan what we are having for dinner each week [doesn't always happen] but it saves me digging through the freezer at 5pm and then in the end making Justin BBQ in the freezing cold [he doesn't complain though - he loves to BBQ]. 
These are 2 recipes that I would make again for sure and that were really easy. We loved this soup and it makes a ton and is great as leftovers too.
I talked about this wine before - it's the new seasonal wine by Apothic - very tasty. But I learned something new this weekend - did you know that when a wine is a blend they can add extra sugar!? So there is a ton of sugar in all Apothic wines - and I am sure many other wine blends. Who knew. So sad.
This was my dress I wore to the wedding on Saturday. It was $9 at Ross {I think} or one of those places we went to in Phoenix that we don't have here - obviously looked better with shoes. ;)
Last week on the news they had a segment on a Calgary Mom who came up with the Polar Stroller.
Genius. Even my brother saw it and texted me to see if I had seen it.
Again - WHY did I not come up with this!? It's skis for the stroller. We have an awesome stroller that is great in the snow but it can be an awfully bumpy ride for Delainey - these are amazing - the clip right on to the wheel for easy install and take off.
It's $100 for the 3 wheel strollers kit [like ours] and $125 for a 4 wheel stroller kit (you can pick up in Calgary to save on shipping) - so a bit pricey in my mind but so clever. I'm so tempted!! 
 I bought this tea towel at the Christmas market. LOVE it - so true in our house. You gotta love those little finger prints all over the impossible to clean fridge also. :)
Delainey has a basket of her boots at the garage door entrance and spends time each night moving her boots - 1 at a time - from the basket to the back door.
That's it - have an awesome day!

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T. L. said...

LOL that is so cute that she moves all her boots!

Katie said...

i love that dress! looks so good on you!!!

Laurie Scardina said...

OMG! I'm dying over that soup (starving right now! ha!) and you look amazingly gorgeous. AS USUAL!

Kristin said...

Can't beat $9 on a cute dress! Love Ross. Total hit or miss but can total score there

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That stroller is genius! :) I love your dress! We don't have Ross stores up here in Minnesota but my sister that lives in AZ gets the cutest things there! And that is a bummer about wine blends having extra sugar!

Leigh said...

The lasagna soup sounds really good! Might have to give it a try. And love the dress! Wish we had better shopping in Canada

Bex said...

Too funny about the boots. That dress is gorgeous, especially on you!

Whit said...

Love that lasagna soup, we have that every so often too! The other recipe looks awesome. That's so neat about those ski bottoms. Love that towel ;) xox

Ashley said...

Love the tea towel!!! That lasagna soup sounds good, I might have to try it!! Your right the back of dress is cute!!
That tobaggen stroller is neat!! I'm thinking we might have to get a tobaggen, despite hating the snow!

Rachel Steck said...

That tea towel is spot-on.
Beautiful dress!