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How the heck is it already November?! Boggles my mind. Well I am back to tell you about November's deal of the month through Beachbody.

One of my favs: PiYo!
Right now it's on sale as a challenge pack so if you have wanted to try Shakeology this is the time to do so because it's like getting the program for $10! {Or you can just buy the program itself!}
Why PiYo is great:

1. PiYo is all about low impact - high intensity movements inspired by yoga and Pilates. 2 great workouts in one!

2. It's with superstar trainer Chalene Johnson who is one of my favorite trainers. She pumps you up but isn't annoying at all. [cough::tonyhorton::cough]

3. It requires no equipment - just your body weight. No jumping or putting massive stress on your joints either. I think it woudl be a great option when pregnant, getting back into working out or just starting out as there is always a modifier. But at the same time hard enough for those who want a good burn!

4. Workouts are anywhere from 20-45 minutes. So no excuses that you don't have time!

5. They start out easy and slowly gets harder and it's amazing how sweaty I got without any jumping around or weights! {The Drench workout is no joke!}

6. You get a free DVD "Hardcore on the floor"!

7. Best part of this program is it's affordable! Most people don't want to spend the money on a program and you cannot beat the price. 8 PiYo workouts on 3 DVDs.
It's a 60 day program and for the program alone it's $60 - that's $1 a day! Can't say no to that.

I'm not a huge yoga fan but this program is different - it's a fun, flowing, "sped up" Pilates/yoga workout that happens to burn a ton of calories while toning, strengthening and lengthening your muscles! 

Like I said there are eight workouts that come with the regular PiYo package:
  1. Align: The Fundamentals: Breaks down the moves in slow motion, so you can perform them in proper form during the regular workouts
  2. Define Upper Body: Start cutting away at your upper body, defining your arms triceps, and shoulders.
  3. Define Lower Body: Start sculpting sexy legs with this workout from your hamstrings to your calves.
  4. Sweat: A more traditional PiYo workout that utilizes flowing yoga-based positions and resistance exercises to provide an effective cardio/strength workout.
  5. Core: This ab-centric workout chisels away at your mid-section to get you a strong, sexy core.
  6. Strength Intervals: One of my favorites, this slightly shorter, fast-paced, fat-incinerating workout has you switching from strength to cardio.
  7. Drench: This tough endurance workout maximizes fat loss and works every muscle in your body. Prepare to get drenched for real :)
  8. Sculpt: Various tempos keeps your muscle under tension for various periods of time to provide you with a muscle-defining workout that totally transforms your body.
If you want more details let me know

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Bex said...

Of course the deal comes out when I'm super broke, hahahaha. Email me the deets, maybe I can make it work.

Ethan Smith said...

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oo, this is tempting as I have wanted to try PiYo and I like that it's low impact... I will have to think about it.

Carolyn said...

Like we talked about - I'm totally buying this! :)