Happy Wednesday! And happy last of work for me today for 11 days!!!!
I know - I totally lucked out with Remembrance Day on Tuesday, we get a lieu day on Monday and Wednesday isn't my work day! I have been looking forward to this "vacation" since I saw it in my schedule back in June!
Alright on to some other loves...
Cedar & Sparrow is a company started out by 2 local Moms with a passion for finding and using the highest quality natural and organic products that are all Canadian made.
They have everything from make up including mineral eye shadows, lip gloss, lipstick, bronzer & more from Cheeky Cosmetics...
...they have lip balms, room sprays, mama butter, hand soaps, natural deodorant, body cream, babies bottom cream & more from Rooted Natural Products...
...they have bar soap, gear spray, yoga practice spray, bath salts & more from Be Clean Naturally.
And lastly a ton of products from First Element including skin toner, shampoo & conditioners, skin cleansers, body butter, lip salves - so much more...
...AND bubble bath!
Cedar & Sparrow dropped off some their Calming Bubble Bath for Delainey to test out.
She got right to work..
She hadn't had a bubble bath before so she was pretty excited!
I loved the subtle scent and that it didn't overwhelm the bath with tons of bubbles. Just enough!
We had fun! Is there something on my head Mom?!
I even got my feet in there to test it out! Verdit is: We LOVE it!
Use coupon code WINTER to get 10% off your order of $25 or more.
PLUS - they ship to Calgary and Cochrane for FREE - meaning they deliver it to your door!! Delainey was excited to get this little package.
"Not for you Cruz"
Check them out on facebook here and Instagram @cedarandsparrow
Thank you again Cedar & Sparrow!
Guess what else I love and I haven't stopped listening to since Justin got it for me (best husband ever)...
Taylor's new album! No it's not country at all but her 'Red' album wasn't either and I loved it - well this one is no different. LOVE it.
I already have my favorites (Blank Space & Style are my top 2 currently) and Delainey does too (Shake It Off & Welcome to NY) - those are some good dancing songs and she busts out her head bob booty shake for our dance parties!
{not sure I love her new hair but it's growing on me}
Rumor is the whole album is about one person...I'm sure she will send me a text with all the deets as soon as she reads this. ;)
Delainey loves watching Dad shovel! She waves and laughs and thinks it the craziest thing.
Loving this simple necklace that my dear friend Katie sent me (along with the cutest little outfits for Delainey's birthday) - I have yet to take it off.
Thank you again Katie - some day we WILL get to Chicago so our girls {who are long distance BFFs} can actually play and we can sip wine and shop. :)

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Christy said...

At the target by my house they have a set up where you can go take a selfie "with Taylor Swift" (it's a cut out) and I think it might be part of a contest if you hash tag it!

Murdock's mama said...

When you come to Chicago, invite me!! :)

Rachel Steck said...

I got the new TSwift CD this past Saturday and I haven't stopped listening to it in the car...and in my head. I LOVE it. Totally thought of you when I bought it and every time I listen to it. Glad you have it too!!

Leigh said...

How cute is D in the bathtub?! Will have to check out those products- could make fabulous Christmas gifts.

Ashley said...

Love the necklace!! Reminds me of the one you got me and I love it!! I'm bummed we missed each other when she was in Niagara!!
That soap sounds pretty neat!!
Love shake it off and so does Noah ahah. When did D start sitting up in the tub? I'm thinking of trying Noah in a laundry basket sitting up when we get home. We tried sitting him in the sink and he was not a fan. I think he is just scared! Might have to get in the tub with him and show him it's ok at this rate haha

Carolyn said...

OMG. I almost bought the Taylor Swift CD. Which is funny since I was NOT a fan until about a month ago. And now I'm obsessed. So strange. :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I haven't bought Taylor Swift's album yet but given how much everyone is raving about it I think I should! Enjoy your long weekend!!

Bex said...

Liam loves shake it off too. He always starts dancing in his car seat if it comes on the radio.

Love the photos of D in the tub. So cute!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

How awesome is 11 days off?! Enjoy!!
Dance parties are definitely the best :-)
Love the necklace, I have a little "A" one I love too!

Kristin said...

I've been wearing a necklace just like that every day with a J :)

Kristin said...

I've been wearing a necklace just like that every day with a J :)

Kristin said...

I've been wearing a necklace just like that every day with a J :)

Kristin said...

I've been wearing a necklace just like that every day with a J :)

Katie said...

YES YES!! Some day our girls will play and we'll shop and drink wine. sounds wonderful!!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Enjoy your vacation!! That worked out perfectly!!

How do you ever get D out of the bath with all those fun toys in there? A would be in there for hours if we let her!

Nice necklace!

I'm hoping Santa will bring me Taylor's new CD for Christmas!! I'm not sure how I feel about her hair either. Miss the long locks.

I'll have to look at Cedar & Sparrow. That bubble bath sounds lovely.

Whit said...

I've been looking for a bubble bath that's easy on the skin and not an irritant, I'll have to try it out. I love Taylor's new Album!! SO fun! Happy vacation, enjoy!!