{LOVES: Modern B Boutique}

Happy Wednesday - today I am loving that it's my last day of work for the week. 
I love my job, I really do. I love meeting the new families, our students are insanely amazing & entertaining to say the very least and we have the best staff ever. I am so thankful they were accommodating for me to work part time because nothing compares to my days at home with Delainey and Cruz.
Accessories have always been another one of my loves. Whit introduced me to an awesome little local shop called:
Immediately I loved it. The prices are good, the pieces are beautiful & unique plus they offer free shipping in Alberta which totally sold me on them.
And then I got these pieces in the mail from Abby to share with you and I loved the shop even more. The jewels are such great quality and even prettier in person.

The first one I received as the Midsummer Night
I love the colors in this one!
I wore it work this week and had lots of compliments on it.
The second was is the Black Landy - this one comes in ivory, fuchsia and aqua too!
I apologize for the lack of great photos - it's nearly impossible to use the self-timer now...
But I promise you you will LOVE any jewels you order from Modern B Boutique!
And you guys can shop too and use the coupon code ALISON for 15% off!! 
PLUS if you live in Alberta shipping is FREE (no minimum use the code Alberta after you use ALISON)! 
Don't worry they ship worldwide too and it's free shipping to the rest of Canada and the USA when you spend $50 (use country name for code).
They have so much in the shop here are my current favorites...
Necklaces - I am get this necklace next. LOVE it.
My girlfriend Nicole (far right) is wearing the Leona (sold out right now) and it is beautiful in person and was so perfect on her black lace dress for Sara's wedding!
Great for Christmas gift ideas, the addition to a holiday outfit or just every day wear! :)
Check them out on Facebook HERE and on Instagram @modernbboutique
Thank you again Abby!

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Whit said...

This is the greatest little shop and I love Abby!! She is SO sweet and thoughtful and totally in the know on everything accessories!! I'm going shopping with your coupon code ;) lol

Leigh said...

Super cute stuff! And love all of your outfits. You are doing damage to my credit card ;)

Cami said...

I think I would like that shop, too! Although, it seems like it would be dangerous!!! ;)

T. L. said...

I know you've touched on it before... but what exactly do you do?

Checking out that shop now! Free shipping to Canada gets me every time!

Bex said...

I've been following this shop on FB for awhile. I really love the pieces and how affordable they are. They remind me A LOT of Stella and Dot but for WAY better prices. I will definitely be ordering soon.

Rachel Steck said...

Beautiful jewelry!