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Happy Friday everyone.
I am unfortunately in Edmonton today with my Dad and brother today attending the funeral of a family friend from the lake who passed away tragically this week. I still am in disbelief this happened and that he won't be at the lake next summer. John was a huge part of Seba Beach - he was and will always be Mr. Lake in my mind and the best fisherman out there. He was there every single summer of my life and I have so many special memories of him. The parade growing up {biggest and best floats}, kick the can & rambo, him pulling us tubing behind his boat, his wash tub/gut base music jams, his friendly "ehhhh-oh" to name a few. Seba won't be the same without him. But he's now soaring with the osprey or swimming with the jack fish. xoxo
But on to happier and VERY cute things - today I get to share with you a lovely Canadian shop: Polkadot Pear
Amy is the shop owner and is from Camrose, AB! She sent Delainey a pair of her upcycled sweater boots in this awesome fair isle snowflake print.
We immediately put them to good use at the zoo!
They are so cozy (some are wool lined!) and have suede soles so they are perfect for non-slip indoors or protective for outdoors.
I measured Delainey's feet and gave the measurements to Amy but she has sizes with measurements under each listing as well.
She's SO darn excited about them!!
They have elastic around the ankle to keep them on!
{Smiling is my favorite tee: Honey Bee True Co}
 These are so well made and nothing about would would be uncomfortable I think Amy should make them in adult sizes!
She's off!
She has a really cute moose print one in the shop too.
Delainey wore it on Wednesday to the Flip Factory with Whit and the kids - she was pretty much a blur in all my photos there though! 
One Mom did say that Delainey was better accessorized than she ever is! ha ha
Best part about these is they can be worn as a neck/face warmer or a headband as well!
The fabric is so soft too.
Check out some of my other favorites...
These 2 light blue ones with lace are just beautiful. May have to get a pair for Delainey for next year.
2 other holidays ones!
Now you can shop and get 15% off using the coupon code "Delainey" until December 15th! 
But this Saturday and Sunday she is offering 20% off using the code "shopsmall".
Happy Shopping! PS. Shipping is only $5 in Canada!
Follow on IG @polkadotpear
Thank you again Amy.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

So cute!! We have a similar pair of wool and suede ones I love. D always looks so happy!
Sorry too hear about your lake friend. I hope you had a safe trip.

Chelsea said...

Happy Friday!! So sorry for your lost.. I love those little shoes/boots can't wait to get my mini some

Christy said...

those are so cute!!!

Leigh said...

So sorry to hear about your family friend passing away :( Drive safe when you are coming back...it's not nice out there! And cutest model ever!

Whit said...

Those are cute!! Drive safe xo

Bex said...

Sorry for your loss. Glad you made it there and back safely though.

Those boots are super cute! I love the picture of Miss D looking at the tree with her finger to her mouth. I may have to check this shop out because turns out Liam really likes scarves so I'm trying to find him a cute one.

T. L. said...

I am so sorry for your loss :(

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend :(

Those boots are gorgeous!! Look so cozy!! I want a pair too! Nice scarf too- I agree, Delainey is better accessorized than me!

Rachel Steck said...


Erin said...

I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend!!

Delainey is just too cute for words...

Katie said...

those boots are soooo cute!!!

Ashley said...

Just seeing this in my feed now!! Sorry to hear about this man! He sounds like a nice man! Hoping his family and friends are able to grieve his loss in the best way possible!! Love those booties!! Soo cute!! And those lace ones are super adorable!! I need to stop buying baby shoes!! I have soo many that Noah hasn't even got into yet!!