{Baby Mama: HoneyBeeTrueCo & The Bashful Elephant}

2 weeks in a row 2 shops to share!
First up I get to share with you a shop that is special in many ways: HoneyBeeTrueCo
Nicole & Heather created this shop to bring you cool, custom tees for kids and adults!
The best part is you can choose any color combos you want and any design you want - they will even do custom designs! 
First you pick from the available shirt colors, then pick the size available and then the paint color. Each tee is made to order! How amazing is that.
Check it out...
So when Nicole asked me to choose a tee to review it was a hard choice. 
I was torn between the "worth it" raglan baseball tee and 
this dream come true tee
I went with the dream come true tee because just look at her!  Doesn't get much better that this.
Delainey is wearing their Apricot Pink tee in a 12-18 months with the gold writing.
We love it. The tee is soft and even though all the tees are hand painted it's been washed 3-4 times already and still looks like new. Shimmery gold writing and all!
I didn't realize I put a white long sleeve under it each time I photographer her it but what can I say - it's November in Canada!
BUT HoneyBeeTrueCo will very soon have long sleeve shirts available in their shop.
{pants & headband: c/o cheeky cheeky baby}
Such a little poser already!
{bow: c/o sara ellie bows}
Check them out on Instagram @honeybeetrueco and on Facebook here.
AND do some shopping using the coupon code LUVDELAINEY for 15% their entire shop until Saturday night.
PS. You gotta check out their new Christmas designs coming out too!
Thank you again Nicole & Heather - we love her tee so much.
Now...did you notice the adorable moccs Miss D was sporting in some of the photos above? Well they came from another lovely shop I get to show off today...
Becca's shop is full of very unique moccs that she puts a lot of love into - take a peek...
Loafers in assorted colors
The Fanciful Fringe Moccs in swede and leather
Becca made Delainey a special pair of her fanciful fringe moccs in her Rose Gold leather.
These faces were all for Cruz who was running towards her!
You can measure your little ones feet and take a peek at Becca's sizing chart to order the best fit. Becca recommends you measure their foot and then add half an inch.
{you should double check the size so you're not a dope like me and order the wrong size ;(}
They are such pretty little moccs and yet perfect for her little feet while walking {and running/scaring her Mother} through the ravine. I also love them for indoor use as they are non-slip.
They are so well made and very thick yet soft leather.
Follow on Instagram @thebashfulelephant and on Facebook here AND do some shopping using the coupon code ALISON15  for 15% your order (active for 1 week)!
Thank you again Becca - we love your moccs.

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Bex said...

So cute!

Tawnya Faust said...

such a stylin' little doll! Love that dream come true tee!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Umm she is adorable!! Love that tee and the mocs :-

Leigh said...

Damn you! Now I want to order more stuff for baby D! ;) Love all of the stuff you picked. And D's face when Cruz is running towards her

Rachel Steck said...

Beautiful. Look how big she is getting! {slow down little Miss}.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Dying!! So cute! I love that shirt and those mocs! Cute vest too!! Such smiles for Cruzie! Beautiful pics too- nice light!

Ashley said...

Love that worth it ball tee!! And I of course love the dreams come true tee you picked!! Adorable!! Those boyfriend mics are adorable!! But I think your little model is the best of all!! Haha

Have a great weekend!!

Katie said...

I am in LOVE with both the shirt and mocs!!! Addilyn needs them! I need to contact these ladies ;)

Carolyn said...

OMG! SO ADORABLE!!! Delainey might have the best closet of a toddler I've ever seen. #justsaying :)

Sara Turner said...

You get to collaborate with some of the most amazing and adorable shops! Love it! Those moccasins are precious!

Murdock's mama said...

The mocs are adorable, but I am in love with the 'Gangsta rap made me do it' tee! Naughty rap music is my weakness! :)

Whit said...

Super cute clothes!! Love the pics! xox