{workout Wednesday}

Can we just talk about this weather for a hot minute?! It's amazing. It makes me so happy. We went for a run yesterday and the beautiful weather made up for the fact that I felt like I had never run in my life. :) Capris and tank tops in October?! Plus 24? I'll take it.
Alright Today I have to share with you some great program that are on sale through me (Beachbody) right now! They are only on sale until the end of the month though so now is the time to bite the bullet on a program just for YOU!
There are 3 awesome programs on sale!
First up is PUMP!

 This is one of a lot of peoples favorite Beachbody workouts. It's on my list to buy for sure (I am just so obsessed with Focus T25)! It's like a class I used to take called Raise the Bar and I have only heard insanely good things about this program.
Anyways PUMP workouts are all done with a barbell where you increase and reduce the amount of weight depending on the exercise. The workouts target ALL parts of the body! The trainers (Dan Cohen & Rach Newsham) explain everything before hand so you know exactly what you need to do before you do it. It's a great program for men and women. 
 PUMP comes with the barbell you need along with two 5lb and two 10lb plates. This is more a weigh training program - not a lot of jumping around.
It has 7 workouts - plus bonus workouts and is a 90 day program.
Next up is COMBAT!
I have only done 1 combat workout and it was super fun! The music is great (well it's Justin's kind of music) but it gets you pumped up and in the mood to workout!! It's a mixed martial arts program (takes moves from 6 unique mixed martial arts programs) - kind of like hardcore kickboxing! It's the same trainers as PUMP and it's the same kind of set up where they are giving you full on instruction before you begin so you know exactly what you are doing! 
It also comes with 7 workouts and is a 60 day program. No equipment needed here!
And lastly P90
 I mentioned the new P90 when it first debuted but just to remind you - it's with trainer Tony Horton and this time he has created a workout geared towards ANYONE.
One with shorter, more doable workouts - less extreme than his others but still as effective!
So whether you are just starting to workout or looking to maintain what you've got - this program will be great for you.
This is a 90 day program with 10 workouts in 3 progressive phases. Workouts are 25-45 minutes in length and you workout 6 days a week.
Let me know if you have any questions or want details on the pricing of any of these programs. OR if you want help finding the best program for you! There are so many programs out there no matter what your level of fitness is - so no excuses!
There is no better time than NOW to start a program! I know I always feel so much better having a calendar to keep me accountable on what workout I need to do each day!

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Whit said...

You go girl!! Looks awesome and I agree I am loving this weather! Always inspiring!! xox

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Pump looks awesome! I wonder if it's anything like the Ripped workouts.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The weather has been amazing here lately, too! It's not quite as warm as what you've had, bu far warmer than what we usually have so I have been enjoying it. I could have ran in a tank top last week as I was so warm in my t-shirt. I hope the nice weather sticks around!!!