{weekend redown}

 Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was really nice. 
Friday Delainey and I were invited to Nicole's for a little Halloween party. Delainey was Tigger and I went as a Black Belt (aka Justin's dobok).
Nicole and Leo the lion!
 Delainey - always a blurr!
 She had fun playing with the other kids and pushing Audrey's baby stroller around.
 Nicole had great treats!
Delainey had a few poopsicles this weekend - her teeth seem to be bugging her. Poor girl.
 She loves these pumpkins - she carries them around, kicks them, brings them to us over and over!
 I take any chance I can get to read with her. She bring books to Justin all the time but hardly ever wants to read with me!
Cruz on her early morning walk with Dad.
 Saturday morning we ran a bunch of errands but really accomplished nothing! We also went to our community pumpkin giveaway but said no way to waiting in the HUGE line up and bought pumpkins later that day instead!
I LOVE this photo of Delainey that Justin took. 
 Saturday night I was out at our big fundraiser at school. So Justin, Cruz and Delainey hung out together at home for the evening.
We love when she looks under things for toys. So darn cute.
 Sunday morning Delainey slept until almost 8:30am!!!!!! Who is this girl?!
We hit up Ikea for breakfast and shopping!
 Spending all her money!
 Of course we had to have ice cream when we were done!
 Helping Dad put together her toy shelf.
 I carved out a pumpkin so she could play with the guts.
 And then I put her in the pumpkin. She was not thrilled to say the least. Damn Pinterest made me do it. We did not get a cute smile like this...
I'm totally going to try again and see if we have a better outcome - then I will share the awesome photos. :) 
Toy shelf complete!
 Sunday night Delainey and Cruz went to Gramma & Grandpa's for a sleepover [as they were watching them for us today too]! Delainey's 1st sleepover! She did great - fought going to bed for a bit but then slept until after 7:30am!
 We had a fun date night at the watering hole. Our house felt very empty!.
Thank you again Mom & Dad.

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~Dawn~ said...

Cute costumes :) And I love all the cute Halloween food ideas at the party!! So clever!

Rachel Steck said...

The ice cream at IKEA is a must - so, so good!

Leigh said...

Sounds like a great weekend :) Haha I want to see the pictures you took of D in the pumpkin...how much did she hate it? And too bad we just missed you guys at IKEA!

Whit said...

Looks like such an awesome weekend!! I think they drug kids when they look happy in some of those pinterest ideas ;) lol just sayin'!! I hope the fundraiser went awesome and Yayy for Delainey's first sleep over!! xox

Ashley said...

your halloween costumes are so cute!!! and can I just say I love the name Delainey..I've never heard it before!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh, your Halloween costume was a great idea! And how comfortable! The food looks awesome - especially the skeleton shaped veggie tray! That is so creative! I hope you can get a good pumpkin shot!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love the costume idea! Avery hates hers lol. Friday will be interesting! I am super impressed that D did not just eat the pumpkin guts ;)
And I hope she did great with her first sleepover!! I need to get Avery away for a night soon too :)

Ashley said...

Look at that little tigger!! Soo cute!! Man is her hair ever getting long!! Soo cute!!! Love the pic of her at ikea, she looks soo big!! Such a little lady!! That party looked fun!!
I soo need an ikea trip - once I'm back at home though when I have somewhere to put stuff haha.
First sleepover!! Go mama go!! Did you miss her like crazy??

Bex said...

Sounds like a great weekend.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

My pictures of Tigger were all blurry too. Gotta love how they never stop moving now!
Thanks for taking pictures of my Pinterest fails! ;)

Busy weekend! Nice toy shelf for Delainey! Glad the first sleepover went well. Look at her sleeping in and all!!