{pumpkins. photos. lots and lots of both}


What?! A post with a million photos?! What else did you expect from me? ;)
This weekend went by far too fast but it was awesome. Lots of family time, time with my girl friends and beautiful weather (I can't believe we are still saying that but I LOVE it)!
Again with Delainey and her obsession with bike videos. She will sit, cuddle and watch them. So cute. And we love the cuddles.
Saturday morning Justin took Cruz out to Bragg Creek to go biking. She loved it - Justin loved it. Success.
Delainey discovered the pumpkins! She was thrilled. Spent a lot of time taking them to Justin and then putting them back!
 Playing Duplo with Dad.
 Park time because it was SO nice out!
 Saturday night I was out at a bridal shower we were putting on for my girlfriend Sara.
 Wine, cheese and chocolate was the theme.
 It was a great night with my girlfriends.
We played a fun game of crown and stashes guessing answers the bride or groom gave so of course we had to use the props in our photos!
 Pretty sky Sunday morning (Delainey slept until 7:30am both days this weekend!!)
Then Sunday morning we headed to the Calgary Corn Maze & Fun Farm with the Fam and the Cowan's!
Slide fun with Gramma & Grandpa!
Dad and Just fun on the playground too!
I LOVE this photo! There were the cutest baby goats in the petting farm and East just picked them right up! It was hilarious.
Brushing the goat.
It was way chillier out there than at home so we had to add a sweater and touque to Miss D and she eventually switched into her mocs as they are easier to walk in! 
Duck races were a hit!
Pretty lady and her girl!
Dad & East
Just miking a cow...
Giant slide - this was East's first go - his face was priceless!
Dad & Delainey
Dust, Fin, East, D & I
Uncle Jeff & D
I LOVE this photo. 
These were tons of fun!
Whit's face! LOVE it. 
Potato sack slide.
 Guys played some basketball and of course placed bets! Justin won.  
 Whit, East, Delainey and I waiting for our tractor ride!
 I love this shot - East was so pumped & Delainey isn't too sure what is going on!
 Auntie Jolie!
 East & I playing
Pumpkin patch time!!
I mean seriously?! This boy. Love him.
 Why are you making me sit with pumkins?!
What?! Now in a barrel?! You guys are ridiculous!
 Ok it's kinda fun...
 Not loving this guys!
Daddy & D
 Love this lady. We may not get a ton of time together but I sure do love the time we get to spend with her and her family.
The whole family! LOVE that everyone came. So lucky to have all these people. Love you.
Then Sunday night we went to Uncle Ken and Auntie Cathy's for dinner to celebrate Nana's birthday! Chinese food and DQ Ice cream cake! Yum.
{Thank for everyone for sharing your photos with me! And thanks Whit for all the awesome ones you took.}

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Murdock's mama said...

What a FUN weekend! :)

Leigh said...

What a great weekend you had! Sad that I missed the gorgeous weather though. And Easton is such a cutie...he is going to be a lady killer one day! And what a fun afternoon...can't wait to take baby girl one year!

Christy said...

wow! that looks like so much fun!

Rachel Steck said...

What a fun time!

Tawnya Faust said...

Looks like such a fun weekend!! I love this time of year, the pumpkin patch looks so fun, I'm LOVING D's little sweater! :)

Katie said...

sometimes she looks so big like when she's holding the pumpkins and then she still looks so little with her winter hat at the pumpkin patch! I don't want our girls to grow up so fast so good thing they still have their moments of looking little!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my gosh, that photo of East holding that baby goat is awesome! I love all the pictures! Miss D is growing and changing so fast - and her hair sure has gotten longer lately it seems! I love her purple hat! Looks like a perfect fall weekend!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love all the photos, such a fun weekend!

Ashley said...

Looks like an awesome jam-packed with fun weekend!! Love the family pics and that one of J and D infront of the truck! Adorable!! Soo jealous of your good weather!! We need a break of this chilly wet weather haha.

Whit said...

Holy smokes girl this was a busy weekend for you! I loved this post, all the photos and that pumpkin patch was so much fun!! Love you guys to bits xox

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Corn maze looked awesome!! Going there next year for sure!! So many great pictures!! Do you use yor iPhone or camera? So nice that you were able to get the whole family together and the Cowans!!

Nice boots! :)

Bridal shower looked like fun! So many weddings in your life!! Fun!

And D wasn't crying in her photo with Uncle Jeff!! Yay!!

Gabriella said...

Looks like an awesome weekend. I love all the pictures! Easton looks so happy in all of them! :)

Bex said...

Looks like so much fun. Love all the pumpkin pictures. Liam loved the big jumping pillow at our corn maze here too. So fun!