Happy Wednesday. Let just talk about how much I loved my 1 day work week this week!
Add that to my love list! It was a crazy day yesterday so I am glad today is here.
Currently loving...
These two - this girl loves her Daddy.
Watching a bike video...
Reading a book...she will not read a book with me!
{and no I don't plan on taking her birthday banner down ever. ;)}
Wedding chats!
There was lots of wedding talk this weekend and it makes me even more excited for Jeff and Jolie's wedding in June!
Fall outfits. 
Cuddles with this sweet girl.
This quote:
This fall weather we have been having, Even if today is raining it has still been so nice and perfect weather for my new boots and for the big batch of soup I am making.
And I will leave you with this. Have a fabulous day!

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Rachel Steck said...

I love seeing your Loves!

Kerry Dyer said...

Love those outfits! I got new Hunters this week too-The nightfall ones, love!! x

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love that her bday banner is still up! And love your boots!

Mom said...

Cute wedding sign! Keep up the reading with D, Justin. Glad you got to wear your boots. They certainly are all the rage right now...always intrigues me how certain items catch on and become the 'in' thing. I like that you have added your latest photos to the blog. I just noticed them!!!

Leigh said...

That's funny that D likes watching bike movies...maybe she will be a mountain biker?! I bet Jolie and Jeff are going to have a gorgeous wedding..can't wait to see how it all turns out :)

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

A slow cooker onion soup!? How was it?? I love everything bout this post too! Are the boots comfy? I have never seen any in person before. Have a great day!

Carolyn said...

OMG. Do you love your boots? Do you think they'll be warm in the winter? I ant some for winter, but I'm scared about them being warm enough.

Whit said...

Love those quotes, both of them.
You got your boots? Lets match on Sunday!! ;) lol Now I want black!!
You guys better be making that wedding sign, it's so stinkin' cute!
One day work weeks are the best!! So cute that Delainey's snuggling Dad, everyone gets a little love. xox

Ashley said...

Great quotes and great list of loves!!
Any tips for how to make a banner... I want to make one for Noah, just have to figure out the best way! Haha

Bex said...

Cute outfits! I just got a flannel shirt like that, would have never thought of putting a cardigan overtop!