{ice cream parlor party}

This weekend was amazing. It has been SO busy since I finished work on Wednesday but so worth it.
On Friday Mom, Gran and I (& D) headed down to Inglewood to look around and we grabbed a bite (at BITE) to eat too. It was such a nice morning. The rest of the time was spent party prepping! :)
Saturday afternoon was the big day! I will let photos do the talking as there are lots but I still wish I would have take more of our awesome guests! Shoot.
Invite - with a photo on the back of the birthday girl eating ice cream of course.
{arrow over address :)}
These letters came from my friends Barb & Dylan - they were wedding decor for them and they realized they were perfect for Delainey Black also! Or Delainey Brynn!
Monthly ice cream photo banner & mini Delainey is one pendant.
Birthday print was made here. You will see the details of this tomorrow.
Good thing I spent time turning the helium balloons into ice cream cones.

They were no longer floating the next day! So Whit was smart and told me just to tape them to the wall!
I made the "1", ice cream cone and Cruzie sugar cookies with cutters from Cookie Cutter Guy. Then used royal icing to paint them (good tip Logan).
And kid snacks - cups of cheerios , 2 different goldfish and yogurt drops.
Ice Cream cone cupcakes.
Sundae toppings in decorated mason jars. We also had 6 ice cream flavors. And a lot left so please come over.
Large 1 balloons from here. We were supposed to use one in our family shoot but it had a hole and deflated too much when we were outside for the photos.
Nana with the birthday girl - and the birthday book I asked everyone to sign or write a massage to Delainey in. We also had a few of these mini balloon "1"s around too that I attached to a straw and decorated up.
Birthday girl showing off her outfit.
 I bought her tutu at Winners on clearance after Halloween probably 5 years ago. I saw a headband like this one on etsy, as well as the "one" onesie but decided to make them myself. Justin wrote out the "one" for me cause he's good like that. :) And then I used gold fabric and iron on that I had on a $4 onesie! Headband I had everything for too so cost me nothing!
We totally lucked out on the day and it was so beautiful out so thankfully we could be outside!
Pink lemonade. And yes I picked out all the pink fruit loops for decor. ;)
Personalized water bottles.
Ice cream time!
She enjoyed it.
Auntie Jolie
September birrhday girls!
Justin surprised me with a slide show of Miss Delainey's first year - cue the tears! With this song! LOVE it and I am so thankful he did that. Such a nice thing to have.
After the party my family stuck around, helped clean up (thank you!!) and we took turns opening her gifts (even though I said gifts weren't necessary) and then Gran took us to Amici's for dinner.
I was so proud of Delainey and so impressed - she did so well at the party with a full house (about 30 people), she sat and played with the kids and trucked around the house. She also did so good out for dinner until after 8:30pm!
 Luckily she did sleep in until just after 7. We went for a family walk and then Justin headed out to Banff/Canmore to ride with Brian.
Loves her Cruzie.
We headed up to Mom and Dad's for have brunch with them and Gran & Claire.
Walking is so fun!!
 A park trip was SO necessary when Dad got home as it was SO beautiful out!

Playing with her new little people in the tub.
There we have it. Seriously I am so thankful for all the people that came out to celebrate Delainey. It was such an awesome day. We just love her so much and it was so nice to have so many of our family and friends together.
And the staff room at work is very pink today as I brought in tons of leftovers! :)

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Pamela said...

aww gahhh!! PRECIOUS! Love the theme!

T. L. said...

Everything looks amazing! You did such a fabulous job!

Christy said...

when I have a kid I'm hiring you for party decor! wow! it looks so amazing I'm glad she had a good day! :)

Ashley said...

I love every little bit!! Such a perfect first birthday party!!! Love the little details!! I still can't believe she is one!!!

Leigh said...

You did an amazing job friend! We forgot to sign the book...darn! And those cookies are dangerous- I should have said no to taking some home!! Can I hire you to decorate our nursery? I have no ideas and am starting to stress about it

Leslie said...

Everything looked SO amazing and fun (and delicious) - you did a fantastic job :)

Gabriella said...

What an adorable theme! Birthday girl looked adorable, and like she had a great time. You did an amazing job with her party!! :)

Sarah said...

Looks like a great time!!! Can't wait for Noelle's this weekend and can't believe our girls are one!!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I have been waiting for this post. I love it all. You are so talented! I see a few similar crafts I have done ;) Your details are awesome, all the way done to watermelon cut in 1's! You are a great Momma and D is very lucky :)

Katie said...

everything looked so great!!! love her birthday outfit!! and I'll so mad at myself her present will be so late since it's been sitting in my house for weeks!!! ahhh! I'm sorry!!

Amber said...

What a cool theme for a birthday party! I absolutely love it. I want an ice cream themed birthday party! haha. Glad that her first birthday was so special. Great job on all the decorations - totally pinterest worthy!

Auntie Whit said...

Cue Auntie wiping the tears from not being able to attend :( Looks SO awesome. I'm not surprised you need to go into business AND you do it on such an awesome budget. Great job, looks like a lot of amazing memories were made. Wish WE could have been there. xox

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

It was a great party!! You did such an amazing job! I wish I ate more food!
D was too cute in her outfit! I can't believe you made her onesie. Well I can actually!

Love the balloons! So many great details! And I forgot to sign the book too! :(

Stacy said...

GREAT birthday party...love all the decor, the treats, it was all FABULOUS!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Perfection!! What a great little theme. I love every last detail! You are such a good mama…she's going to look back and see so much love in these photos! Such a bittersweet day, isn't it!?

Kaella Neithercut said...

This is seriously adorable!! What an awesome first birthday party! I love her tutu!!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

SO cute the party looks adorable..

Bex said...

What a beautiful party for a special little girl!

Whitney said...

Hi there! I was reviewing my shop traffic for October and noticed the link from your blog. I just wanted to stop by to tell you how beautiful your party was! And to say thank you for the mention as well as the Etsy review you left after the party. :-) I know we had a few glitches with the file delivery, so I really do appreciate your kindness and patience throughout the process! Hope you're having a blast with your sweet toddler! - Whitney at Wiggle Words