{Baby Mama: Teegy Togs & The Scoggy}

Well Delainey was up at 4:15am this morning. Awesome. I could not get her back to sleep so we took to the couch hoping she would cuddle and doze off again which she did despite Cruz howling, crying and moaning from her kennel upstairs - and no she didn't need to go out she is just a stinker. Needless to say I did not doze and today coffee is my friend.
On a happier note I have a couple fun shops to share with you and I am so excited about them.
Both shops are run by and filled by the lovely shop owner Virginia  from Kitchener, Ontario!
First up is: Teegy Togs - comfy, cute & casual clothes for kids! My favorite.
She makes these amazing Teggy Tights
As well as shorts, headbands, sets...new hats! Adorable.
And while we were chatting about Delainey doing a review of her Teegy Tights Virginia said "Hey I just noticed you have a dog, you may also like to review something from my other site"...
The Scoggy - a slip on scarf for your doggy! I mean how cute is this!
And now she also makes them to match the owner! LOVE!!
Well you know that as soon as she said that I HAD to have Delainey and Cruz match!! Thankfully Virginia loved the idea and made Cruz a Scoggy and Delainey a pair of Teegy Tights! Gah.
Check out these girls -
 I thought Cruz might hate wearing it but she doesn't mind it at all. I think she secretly loves it.
Love the little 'The Scoggy' tag!
 Cruz is wearing an XL.
 This little munchkin wasn't being the most cooperative for photos! ha ha She basically just wanted to run away from me as she was so excited to be out of the stroller.
 Cruz on the other hand was model material ;) Loving her Scoggy!!
It's a perfect fit. Not too tight or too loose. I gave Virginia Cruz's neck measurement.
 The pants are so well made, they must be so comfy for Delainey - they look it! I love the wide waist band and matching cuffs. Virginia made us the 12-18 month and they are big on her so she has lots of room to grow into them - especially in the length which is awesome! Delainey has been growing out of pants due to length like crazy right now.
 The fabric is nice and thick perfect for crawling and tumbles! And of course I love the chevron print.
Plus her prices are amazing. I think I need a matching scarf now. :)
Check her out on Instagram @teegytogs
Now you guys can shop for yourself, your babes or dogs!! Using the code teegies2 for 15% off your order.
Thank you again Virginia!
PS. This is Cruz while I was writing this post last night...
Have a great weekend!

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Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Oh my gosh! I love the matching pup and Delainey chevron outfits. So cute!

Rachel Steck said...

Yay for Cruz! I love it!!

Murdock's mama said...

It's a good thing your girls are adorable! :) I might have to get Murdock one so he matches us in our next family photos! :)

Ginnie said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful review of Teegy Togs and The Scoggy, Alison!! Love love all the photos!! Your Delainey is a perfect little doll!! And Cruz is quite a beauty herself! It's awesome to see pics of kiddies and doggies all decked out! For anyone interested in The Scoggy: https://www.etsy.com/ca/your/shops/TheScoggy

Again Alison..thank you, thank you! :) Enjoy!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Adorable! Love they match :-)
Don't love your early wake up! Hopefully this weekend you can sleep in!

Mom said...

Cute, cute cute! You definitely need a matching scarf.
4:15!!!! Totally unacceptable. Hope she has a good nap this morning or afternoon.

Katie said...

she is too cute! and pictures are sooo hard these days!! where is that love onesie from? those leggings are adorable too!

Whit said...

hahaaha... you did not.... ;) Oh my word. The Matchy matchy-ness of this post is beyond adorable. hahaha.. I may have to buy Ty some scoggy's cause he doesn't want to be underdressed when he see's Cruzie girl ;) xox

Bex said...

So stinkin cute!

This sounds terrible but have you tried just ignoring Miss D for a little while when she wakes up super early? It sometimes works for Liam. If he wakes up early and is just chattering in his crib, I ignore him and he usually falls back asleep. Of course if he's crying out I will go get him. But most of the time he never does. I'm so thankful for that. Sending you good sleep vibes and coffee thoughts!! haha

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Holy D!! Early riser! Sometimes I'll do the same thing Becky suggested and just let Leo 'chat' in his crib. He usually falls back asleep. Of course if he is crying then I get him but sometimes he's just chatty.

The matching scarf and pants are genius!! Love it! I'm always looking for unique leggings so I'll be checking her out. Wish I had a dog so I could get a matching scarf!!

Kristin said...

4:15?? oh man. I do not look forward to that haha.

Sara Turner said...

Ug the last time I saw 4:15 am, it was a bad life choice involving too many beers and shots... Now I get to enjoy the period of my life where I'm responsible enough not to do that anymore (or almost anymore) and not yet family responsible...ah glorious sleep. On the other hand your girls look so cute in their matching outfits that the sleep sacrifice must be totally worth it. You always find the most amazing clothes for Delainey!