{a weekend of thanks}

 We had a great weekend at the lake. Oh how things have changed since last year!
This was last year heading out the lake for Thanksgiving versus this year - from a wee babe to a busy toddler! So crazy but I love it.
After a long trip out the lake we helped Nana, Uncle Ken and Auntie Cathy rake leaves. Some of us just played in them!
I love the colors out there. So pretty.
 Mornings at the lake are the best.
{PS. Thank you to Mom for letting us sleep in and taking Delainey and Cruz. Delainey enjoyed getting up at 5:15am so we cuddled in bed until she had enough and then I handed her off to Gramma! I can't remember the last time I slept past 8! :)}
 Loves her slide!
Justin, myself and the girls went for a walk in the trails we snow shoe on. It was so pretty and just smells so good.
Cruz loved it and it was so warm! I was in a tank top and capris!
Loving this fall weather.
Mrs. T and Mom with their Grand-daughters!
 I'm outta here!
 Fun with Dad.
 Lake buddies! Kaley & Delainey.
Watching Uncle play Kanjam. She was so interested!
 Kisses for Cruzie!
 I took this bottom photo and realized it was just like the top one that Whit took when Cruz was just a wee pup. LOVE this girl so much.
 We went down to Thomas's for a visit and so the girls could play again.
Delainey loved playing in the sand and walking in the water and cried when Gramma wouldn't get her sit in it!? Not my daughter.
Wheelbarrow rides were a hit.
 Fun in the leaves!
Enjoyed being outside with Auntie Jolie & Uncle Jeff.
We had a delicious turkey dinner with the whole family at our cabin.
 Justin had a little whipped cream with his pie. ;)
 Flying bear!
 Delainey went for one last boat ride of the year with Gramma & Grandpa.
Such a perfect weekend. Plus it's always nice to get away!
Last night we had dinner at Debbie's for Thanksgiving too - I took no photos?! What? I know. Fail.  But trust me that Emerson, Nixon and Delainey looked cute as ever and had a blast playing, we all enjoyed dinner and dessert very much and left there insanely full and sleepy!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well.

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Murdock's mama said...

Love these posts! Happy Thanksgiving to you! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Such beautiful pics, I love fall so much! Too bad its the shortest season.
Looks like a great family weekend and crazy the difference a year makes!

Rachel Steck said...

These photos are fabulous! You have such an awesome family! Miss D's hat w/the red flower = adorable. I'm glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Katie said...

so fun!! she is clearly a loved little girl! :) and i Love her scarf!

Ashley said...

Love all the pictures!! Look at Miss D on the slide! She really looks like a toddler now - crazy!! That fall walk looks gorgeous!! We are having such a chilly wet fall here!! Glad you had a great weekend! Crazy the difference a year makes!! Soo thankful!!

Bex said...

Love the comparison photo. Such great fall colours you captured! Sounds like a great weekend.

Leslie said...

Looks like an amazing weekend and such a great place to be able to spend it :)

Mom said...

You captured so many fun times. Definitely need a better photo with Mrs. T and Kaley. We were SO lucky with the weather and being able to spend lots of time outside.

Whit said...

Such an awesome trip. You definitely captured all the fun in those photos!! the weather was INCREDIBLE all over the place, such an awesome fall we have had for sure!! Love that little play structure and Delainey's reaction to it!! So cute. And I 100% agree nothing beats mornings at the lake!! that view and hot coffee, my fav for sure! xox Happy Thanksgiving!!