{12 months}

Thank you for your comments on Delainey's party. I had so much fun planning it, crafting for it, baking for it and then decorating for it. I know she is too young to remember it but she will see photos and know she was celebrated. And so what if it was kind of more for me than her. :) We had wine and beer to keep the adults happy too! :)
Anyways what you didn't see was how delicious these ice cream cone cupcakes were I made...wow so pretty. Pinterest fail.
 Or this awesome banner I glued together backwards. :) I was gluing it on a ribbon so layed out all my letters how I wanted them and simply flipped them over and hot glued. Mommy fail. Luckily I saved this one. The cupcakes not so much...
Moving on to her 12 month recap - just a week late! And I am sure you guys are sick of all this birthday and Delainey stuff! Well this is her last monthly recap. I may do them every so often but probably not monthly - well maybe?! They are so handy to look back on! We will see.
{I guessed on the weight and height as I had to send her the details ahead of time and was way off. She also full on walks now. Oh well. For the party Justin printed this as an engineer blue print at work (thanks babe) and then I glued it to a bristol board}

16lbs 1oz
29 inches
She is sleeping great at night. Goes to bed between around 7:00pm and sleeps until 6:15am, definitely an early riser. She seems to be cutting out her second nap most days so we will soon need to figure out what the best time for her to nap will be and we will transition her to that. We are hoping this will give us a longer nap...fingers crossed. She has been sleeping from 11:00-1:30 for Grandma Debbie (I know that is 2.5 hours - yes I am very jealous) but by 5pm is so tired and grouchy it makes for a long and not fun couple hours so we either need to push her nap later or something...
She is still a great eater other than throwing her food on the floor for Cruz or just to get attention! Eats lots and isn't picky right now at all. She is eating breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks and only nursing before bed. LOVES food this girl.
{diaper size}
Size 2-3. I bought a box of 3s and I think they are too big. They are huge in the butt and go up super high. So I think I may buy 2s again we will see.
Such a mix! Mainly 9-12 months I would say, some 18 month pants for length but we still have 3-6 months stuff in her closet that fits too.
{hair color}
Medium blond

{eye color}
Very blue
Anything that isn't a toy - sugar packets & menchies spoons are a top contender right now
Small toys - barrel of monkey, little people
Being outside - the swings
Being chased, thrown in the air or upside down
Making a mess
When we tell her no to throwing her food on the floor.
When we won't let her go in the cupboards, mainly under the sink. She has 1 cupboard she is allowed in yet only want the others!
Diaper changes - she does barrel rolls while we try and change it.
Putting pants on
Taking a tumble
Is the best sister. Delainey gets more and more interested in Cruz each day. She loves to kiss her, pet her, be in her bed with her, laugh at her, feed her, play in her water! Cruz is very patient but will leave when she has had enough. And typically Delainey will just follow her or lose interest. Unfortunately I spoke too soon and Cruz has a nasty ear infection now and a skin infection on her tummy. Possibly too many cheerios and puffed wheat Delainey feeds her - darn allergies! So we had an interesting vet appointment yesterday (do you think this dog would let our sweet vet look at her tummy?! Heck no. It was like she could lock her back legs shuts! We required back up and my black blazer turned into a fur blazer. Silly dog). We do love this new vet though and you can tell Cruz likes him. Even through all of this she gave the vet kisses and ate his treats. She is on 2 antibiotics and has special shampoo that she needs to get bathed twice a week for 2 weeks.
{what's new}
Full on walking all the time. She loves it.
Has transitioned really well to going to Grandma Debbie's 2-3 times a week.
Has 2 teeth.
Had her 12 month shots (2 shots in each arm) and did really well with them after screaming for a few minutes.
Celebrated her 1st birthday.
Says Mom, Mama, Dad, Dada, Yum. And babbles all day long!
She got this sweet bassinet for her birthday from her Great Grampa and Great Gramma Chris with a doll.
She loves to push it around and to do this:
We love you Miss Delainey.

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Katie said...

addi loves throwing food on the floor and only wants the cupboard under the sink too! she is too cute!! and why is figuring out sleep and naps and all that so hard? :) glad she's doing well at night!

Whit said...

Great recap on Miss Delainey! Mover and a shaker!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

I am sorry about the pinterest fail but seriously i love seeing these things happen.. These crazy crafty people who think everything turns out perfectly.. I've had massive fails before.. At least you salvaged the banner!

Leigh said...

Love that board that you made! Turned out so well. And poor Cruz...hope she's feeling better soon!

Ashley said...

Oh no! Not another ear infection!! Poor girl!! Look at D standing beside that cradle! She looks soo big!! Your cone cupcakes remind me of mine that failed lol! Crazy to look back at all the changes she makes each month!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love reading the girls similarities, making a mess - yup! Playing with anything that is not a toy - yup, being chased - loves! haha.
Oh and I always have Pinterest fails! Already re-did one banner!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am so behind on blog reading but I am glad that Delainey had a special birthday party! What a wonderful first year you all have had. She is such a cute and sweet little girl! Here's to many more happy, healthy years!!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

She really has grown into a little girl!! I just love seeing her toddle around.

Poor Cruz :(

I love that sign!! She's just a little thing! I can't believe L finally caught up to her and is now bigger! Two teeth??

Nice save on the banner! That's totally something I would do!