{weekend rundown}

Happy Monday!
First and foremost - a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely Jolie!!
We hope you have an awesome day - we love you tons.
We had a jam packed weekend but it was lots of fun!
Friday afternoon I picked Lily up from school and she spent the weekend with us. It's always nice to spend time with her. Friday night Jolie and I ran the Electro Dash - the weather did not cooperate and we had the first heat so it wasn't quite dark at 8:00pm when we started (did I mention we were freeeeezing) but we had a blast anyways.
Starting line was so busy and they had a DJ and go go dancers!
Running up hill for 50% of the race is sooooo much fun!! 
BUT we looked great and as it got darker you could see how awesome our outfits were! At the last minute Justin had the idea to put glow sticks down our arms and legs and we were a hit! We got so many comments on them.
My only complaint (other than weather - ha) was that the finish line was a complete bust. No staff there, no lights, they were just setting up water as we finished - granted we were the first heat and ran almost the whole way when it seemed like a lot of people were walking most of it but still...it was disappointing.
When we got home we hung out with my brother, Justin and our friend Joe who was in town and had a couple drinks.
Saturday morning my Mom came over for a visit as she was in town and then we had Emerson's Mad Hatter Un-birthday tea party!
Lily is wearing the same hat as me you just can't see it here.
Crystal and Troy had great decorations as always!
Daddy & D
Emerson as Alice! Doesn't she look adorable and so darn grown up?! And how cute is her costume Grandma made!
Singing Happy Birthday
Look at that face!
 Delainey and Emerson sitting on Emerson and Nixon's new stools.
 I love how she's looking at Justin in this one.
 Us with the birthday girl.
Grandma Liz took these and sent them to us - look at those eyes!
Saturday night my Mom came over so Justin and I could head down to the watering hole - and let's be honest - she wanted more Delainey time! So she hung out with her and Lily and Justin and I enjoyed a couple hours out. Thank you again Mom.
Delainey has been getting up FAR too early lately!! 5:40am is her new internal alarm clock. :( 
 Just having a little cantelope for breaky!
I love this photo with her and her ultrasound photo when she was taking a bath in our room. Check out that belly in both pics!
Sunday afternoon us girls headed out to Rory's barnyard 1st birthday party.
We left Justin home to continue insulating the garage. He is getting so close to done and has been working so hard on it!
Demolishing his cupcake!
It was held at the school Mandi works at and we had so much fun on the awesome playground there - bonus the sun came out!!
Loves going down the slide on her tummy all by herself! She would climb up and slide down over and over!
Sunday afternoon Lily went home so we had a relaxing night. I was hoping to get my groceries shopping in but I have a bit of head cold so Justin encouraged me just to postpone it and we just hung  out. Justin BBQ'd ribs for dinner (yes I had them at the watering hole the night before too) and then watched The Biggest Loser when Miss D headed to bed. 
BUT before Delainey went to bed she took her first steps!! Video to come because miraculously Justin got it on video! So darn cute! It was so fun to see.
And that's about it!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Go D!! Can't wait to see the video. Avery isn't brave enough yet, she'll stand but it take one step and fall.
Love your hats for the party!

Sara Turner said...

The UnBirthday Tea Party is such a good idea, and you guys pulled it off amazingly! Emerson and Delainey both look precious!

Leigh said...

Crystal did an amazing job on the decorations for the party! So creative. Where did you guys hear about that race? I had never heard of it before. And hope you are feeling better soon!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What a fun birthday party! Emerson looks so grown up!

No way, first steps? Yay D!!! She looks so big standing there at the playground!

What a fun weekend, esp the date night! So happy the sun decided to make an appearance again!

Nikki said...

Is that the teething embers necklace on D?

krink said...

I love you for taking those pics at the party! I'm stealing them all and posting them on Facebook! Hahaha :)
And what are the chances you guys would get her first steps on video?! What the heck???
Awesome! Thanks for everything as always!

Ashley said...

No way she is walking!!! Ahhh!! Go D go!! Watch out Mom and Dad!!
Love all the detail from the birthday party! Have you figured out D's yet? A theme?
Love all the pics as usual!
Your outfits for the race were pretty stellar!

Bex said...

Was that race at COP too? We saw flyers for it at Color Me Rad but already had plans for the Lethbridge race. I think there's something similar in a few weeks here so I might have to register!

That UnBirthday Party looks amazing! I only wish I had the time and talent to pull off such an amazing party like that for Liam! That costume is seriously adorable.

YAY for first steps! So exciting! Your life is going to get a lot more crazy with a walking baby! Congrats miss D!

Murdock's mama said...

Yay D!!! Maybe she'll be walking by her birthday?!

Whit said...

Holy smokes that's a busy weekend!! Looks like lots of fun!! :) Delainey is so darn cute all grown up at the park!! Get some rest and kick that head cold. xox

Gabriella said...

The Electro Dash looks fun! I did something similar last year called The Rave Run, and there were also way more people walking than running. Such cute little parties. Emerson looks so excited to be Alice. She is a doll! Those pictures of Miss D are gorgeous - baby model!!!