{the last weekend...}

...of maternity leave at is. :( Today as you read this I am back at work. So is Justin. It's been the very best summer. I am so thankful Justin was able to be home with us for these 2 months but they FLEW by at a record pace. No joke. I can't even believe it's already over.
Anyways on to our weekend - we needed some extra cuddles as her new little tooth has been causing her some grief. Totally ok with the cuddles - not ok with the pain - poor monkey.
Friday morning we met up with Nicole, Audrey & Leo for some time at the market. Let's be honest. We go for the coffee (Phil & Sebastian). It's the best. But we always get a good chat in while Audrey plays at the park and the other two have a snack or flirt with each other.
They are getting so big!
One of Delainey's new favorite spots! 
Watching a bike video with Dad!
Saturday Delainey and I went with Leigh to a big garage sale in community. We both found a couple of clothing items for our girls.
Justin did chores around the house and then we enjoyed the weather!
Saturday night our friends Blake and Karen came over for dinner. So great to spend time with them and check up on that baby belly Karen is sportin'!
Sunday Justin went riding to West Bragg with Brian - they had a great day.
 I prepped for the week, went to Walmart and then after lunch Cruz, Delainey and I went for frozen yogurt. They requested it. I've been wanting to try out a new place Tutti Frutti but it's no Menchies. We then walked around the huge pond in Country Hills and found a fun new playground.
While Delainey napped I sat in the sun cause it was SO nice out! And when she got up we enjoyed the backyard again!
These two!! LOVE them.
That evening Grandma Debbie came over so Justin and I could head down to watering hole to drown our sorrows of going back to work in some delicious pub food and drinks. It was a great end to our last weekend.

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Leigh said...

Sounds like a great last weekend before going back to work. Hope today is going well so far! How far along is Karen?

Courtney Kassner said...

Hope your day is going good! It's so hard going back to work! Thinking about you! Love the first picture with the cuddling. So sweet!

Rachel Steck said...

I hope you are having a good day. It does get easier, I promise.

Stacy said...

I hope your first day back was good and flew by...i actually liked getting back into the routine and adult conversation!

Whit said...

First day is the worst day back and then it all starts to get a little easier. Hang in there mama!! xox

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Good luck to you guys today! It will fly by :) Hope D's tooth does not give her too much more trouble.
Sounds like a perfect weekend, it was so nice out!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness that first picture.... Soo sad!! Yay D for cutting a tooth though!! Noah is still working on that, they keep coming up and going back down - no fun! Looks like you made the best of your last weekend off. This summer went by soo fast! I'm still not sure where August went!! Hopefully both D and you had good days, although apart!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Poor D! Exciting that she's got a tooth now.

What a great weekend, even if it was the last one of maternity leave, and apparently summer. Hope work went well for both of you and there weren't too many tears.

Good to know about Tutti Fruitti. Won't waste my time there. And you walked the lake that I've run/walked around so many times!

Bex said...

Hope you had a good first day back!

Mandy said...

Thinking about you girl. I know it's hard being at work, but I know you love getting off of work and coming home to her sweet face!! Can't believe she's about to be 1!!

Carolyn said...

Weston loves the kennel too - silly kids!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you had a great last weekend before your return to work. I hope that this week back is going ok for you guys. I am sure it is such a huge adjustment!

I am glad you got lots of time outdoors since you got freaking snow this week!!