So apparently when you try to hop back up on the workout train after holidays and getting back into the work routine you have to put your seat belt on tightly!! 
I am definitely struggling to get into a good workout routine especially on work days. I have been playing around in my head with getting up before work to get them in but I never feel great after an early morning workout so we will see. I miss my workout routine something fierce so yesterday I decided on the way home from work that I was going to dive into T25 right from the start NOW. Not Monday or October 1st or what have you.
I really do enjoy it and 25 minutes IS so doable and the calendar is easy to follow. So I finished Day 2 today and already feel better! It's all about STARTING!
Anyways - today I have to share with your Beachbody's newest program - P90!
I am sure you have heard of the popular P90X - maybe P90X2 or P90X3...Well this newest one is still with trainer Tony Horton and this time he has created a workout geared towards ANYONE.
One with shorter, more doable workouts - less extreme than his others but still as effective!
So whether you are just starting to workout or looking to maintain what you've got - this program will be great for you.
This is a 90 day program with 10 workouts in 3 progressive phases. Workouts are 25-45 minutes in length and you workout 6 days a week.
Do you need something to start? If you have any questions just ask!
PS. Out of the P90X programs - P90X3 is still my favorite as there is SO much variety and workouts are only 30 minutes long! But of course I have yet to try the new P90 so it's definitely on my list to test!

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Katie said...

i want to do something like this when the marathon is over!! 25 minutes is nice!

Katie said...

i did P90x a few years ago and the videos were so long! 25 minutes sounds much more doable!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I wish he would have done P90 FIRST then P90X3 - I got 3 and I do love how quick the workouts are and intense. Maybe mixing them together (90 and 3) might be a great way to workout. I still have to finish my PiYo first. I'm a sucker for Beach Body, I love their stuff.

Whit said...

You always feel better when you've worked out, I can understand i feel that way after a bag of chips... ;) lol Just kidding, a run... I meant a run!! Hope you had an awesome day, the new program looks wicked. xox

Ashley said...

I want to try this! I've heard so many amazing things about it!

PS - Your baby is the cutest! XO