These photos were taken ONE year ago. If you told me this was one big ol' magic trick and it really hasn't been a year I would believe you.
BUT I think I have finally come to terms with the fact that this first year really did fly by and it's true in fact that our baby is no longer a baby and is more a toddler every day.
This year has shown me a level of love I didn't even know existed.
One that allows you to not care that you are up for the third time and it's only 2am.
One that forces you to function off the number of hours of sleep you can count on one hand.
One that makes you do absolutely ridiculous things (like sleep and shower in your glasses for weeks) just because you couldn't imagine something bad happening to them.
One that allows you to not care that you haven't showered or changed in 3 days but your child is bathed, smells delicious and looks absolutely adorable in the outfits they have been in (sorry Justin!) because that's what matters.
One that makes you think every single little thing they do is the cutest thing you have ever seen. And clearly it is.
One that makes you celebrate changing diapers because it means they are getting enough to eat/drink. 
One that makes it ok that there are no real breaks, that to do lists get put on the back burner and that your house is never as clean as you'd like it to be - because it's true what they say - babies don't keep.
Before you know it they will be ONE.

It was a hard year but easily, without a doubt 100% the best year.
This faces makes you re-think stressing about the little things and worrying your days away.
I don't ever want to forget so many little things about this stage -  I say "little things" but really they are the important things, not little at all.
Hows she sits on my lap and her head tucks perfectly under my chin.
How she smacks my chest and peeks up at me or over at Justin when she is nursing at bedtime.
How her little arms reach up to you when she wants up.
How she squeals when she sees Justin come home from work or come down the stairs.
How Cruz already is one of her favorite people. 
How when she smiles her whole faces lights up. I hope that never changes.
How she lays on the rug or Cruz's bed with her bum in the air or flat on her back for a little rest.
How she loves to be chased and crawls away so fast laughing that she falls on her belly and then thinks that's even funnier.
How she walks and giggles all at the same time.
How she goes in for kisses with a big open mouth.
How she looks at you with the cheekiest of grins when she knows she is up to no good.
Her Pout.
Those eyes. 
Delainey - Mommy & Daddy love you. Quite possibly more than we could ever tell you or show you.
Thank you for being you. You are our kind of perfect. {Other than this refusing to nap business but we will let you off the hook today because it's your birthday.}
I hope you know how special you are, how loved you are by so many and how incredibly amazing you are. How happy you make us & how full you have made our hearts. One year ago we got really lucky and never in my life will I not thank my Iucky stars for you. 
{all one year photos & a few of the hospital photos: by none other than the lovely Auntie Whitney Cowan Photography}

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T. L. said...

Happy Birthday Miss Delainey :)

Murdock's mama said...

Happy Birthday Miss Delainey!
Beautiful post Alison!

Gramma and Grandpa said...

Such a beautiful post about our precious Miss D. You are correct... She is loved by many and has brought joy to all of us. Love you Delainey.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Such an adorable post, we wish you the very happiest birthday Miss.D. It's been so fun to watch you grow and learn over the past year. You are absolutely adorable and a very stylish little gal. Hope you have a wonderful day!

krink said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We all love you so much!

Ashley said...

Que the tears.... Beautiful post!! Can't believe she is 1!!! But she is perfect!! Such a blessing and a miracle! So glad she has you two as parents! She is only lucky beautiful girl!! Happy Birthday!! And congrats to you and Justin for keeping a human alive for a year!!!

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday! Love the pics, especially the one of her holding her baby pic! Cute!

Leigh said...

Happy birthday Delainey!

Carolyn said...

OMG. Thanks for making me tear up at work! Seriously though, the first year is so magical, and it goes entirely too fast!!!!! Happy birthday D!!!!!!!

Gabriella said...

Beautiful post! These pictures are all amazing. Happy 1st Birthday, Miss Delainey!!

Whit said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE SWEETEST, tiniest little girl!!! We love you to bits Miss Delainey and are SO thankful God has blessed us with you!! Have an awesome birthday today and this weekend!! xoxoxox

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Delainey! You are such a beautiful little girl...may God watch over you and protect you always!!

Christy said...

Happy first birthday, sweet girl :)

Bex said...

Such a sweet post for a sweet little girl. Love the photos! Hope you guys had a great first birthday! <3

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Delainey! So cute, can't believe how fast this past year has gone!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh how I love this! It goes by so fast- so many small, wonderful moments that fill your heart more than it ever possibly could. Heart is bursting!