{lazy weekend}

Well hello Monday...
First - I forgot to announce the winner of the ToddAh giveaway on Friday so I best to that today - the winner is lucky #4 Leigh from All You Need Is Love!
Congrats - perfect for you and your babe to come.
This weekend was pretty low-key. We had no plans and didn't do much. Some T25 workouts, some crafts & baking for Delainey's party (and craft fails), grocery shopping, caught up some TV shows...lazy.
Delainey likes to get up in time to see this...I guess I don't mind.
Nana surprised us and dropped off these. They are so delicious - she had bought them a long time ago and we had yet to find them again. Don't walk - run to Costco and get yourself some. Cause I don't share. Sorry Delainey. Thank you again Nana.
Slaved away in the kitchen making these for the staff here at work. I separated them into 2 so they were smaller.
This weekend felt like fall - cool and crisp but still nice enough to enjoy the park. So we did. A couple times!
Miss D LOVES her little people sets. This farm is her favorite. We can't get over how much of a little person she is now - actually putting the little animals and people in certain spots, goes on mission to find the exact figure she is looking for. So cute and fun.
Sunday morning lounging. Justin was super pumped to be hanging out with us. ;)
She also LOVES this stacker and will do it over and over!
This girl would eat black beans all day long. She also thinks it's great to throw her food on the ground for Cruz. And then cry cause she wants it back. SO frustrating. We are working on it!!
You know just rearranging her diapers.
She has been walking so much lately (and taking a few hard crashes - pout) but thinks she is pretty special when she does walk - huge smiles and giggles.
Sunday Delainey & I took a trip to Cross Iron Mall as I had a few gifts to get and we just needed to get out of the house. She chatted away the whole time, it was too funny and so many people commented on it - she loved that even more. So glad she is getting out of her shy phase.
Took a trip to the park before dinner as someone didn't want her afternoon nap.
Love the shadows!
Tonight I have girls dinner and it was my pick so guess what - we are going all fancy and heading to the watering hole! They let me go all nostalgic on them as I was at the watering hole last year the night before Delainey was born (with Justin, Mom, Dad, Jeff and Jolie for customer appreciate night with dueling pianos).
Can you guys believe Delainey will be 1 - TOMORROW. Gah.
So don't mind me but the blog is going to be alllll about Delainey the remainder of the week. I know you are shocked but I am just warning you.

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Kristin said...

I can't believe how big your little love is getting! Looks like a wonderful low key weekend!

"B" said...

WHAT?!?!? One already! Man do these babies grow up fast. My youngest turned six months and I about how a panic attack - Time can slow down any day now!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I cannot believe it either!! I thought about it this am :-)
A loves Little People too, just bought her a set from Once Upon A Child since she loves them when we are at the chiropractor.

Kaella Neithercut said...

Wow, ONE already?! London is two on Wednesday and I can't believe it!! Hope you have a fun week celebrating!! xx

Ashley said...

Cannot believe she will be 1 tomorrow!! I still remember getting your text that she was here!! Crazy how big she is getting! Look at her playing with the little people!! She looks like a toddler!!
I've never heard of the cheese crisps!
Glad you had a nice low key weekend!!

Gabriella said...

I love lazy weekends! Enjoy celebrating her 1st birthday! I can not even believe a year has gone by!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

The little people farm set is a HUGE hit here! Even Leo eyes it up and tries to play with it, when big sis isn't watching!

I love the nostalgia! I'm so like that too! Have fun at the watering hole! At least you can drink this year!

I need more lazy weekends. Ours kind of was, but not really! Not many plans but ended up doing a bunch since I was so tired of being stuck inside all week.

I can't get over how big D is and how grown up she looks standing and playing! Stop it!!

Audrey also started transitioning to one nap around 12-13 months. Part of the reason she got kicked out of her first day home ;)

Have a good week! Looking forward to more D posts!

Whit said...

Those cheese crisps are super Delish!! (new word, don't copy ;) ) Looks like a chill weekend!! I love that farm set, it's so cute!! And the swing smiles are adorable! I hope you had fun at dinner!! We need to get working on our monthly dinner schedule ;) lol