I was going to warn you that there are A LOT of photos in this post but I am pretty sure by now you can just assume that. :)
Our morning started out bright (nope it was dark!) & EARLY at 4:30am. We figured if we woke Delainey up and put her straight in the truck - we HOPED she would fall back asleep until her regular 6:15am. Our fingers were crossed. She fell right back asleep and BAM 6:15am awake. :) We stopped in Golden for breaky and continued on - she napped a bit and was up for the last hour and a half. (It's about a 7 hour drive - I think. Justin drove.)
I sat in the back with Delainey - Justin's Mom Debbie came with us and sat up front.
Through the window yet beautiful.
 My little seat buddy.
We stayed in Vernon with Justin's Aunt & Uncle. He also has 2 cousins there who both have kids.
 Thursday morning we drove Justin in to Kelowna for the wedding rehearsal at the winery. Delainey and I killed time having a snack on the beach. This girl loves rocks, dirt and getting messy. She also would have sat in the water and played if I let her!
 She loved playing with rocks. Moves them from one place - to the next. Over and over! :)
 On our way back we stopped at Boston Pizza for lunch and had horrible service. It took almost an hour to get our meals and mine wasn't even what I ordered. Thank goodness Delainey is a trooper. And for that wine.
 Thursday night Justin and I headed back into Kelowna for the rehearsal dinner at the grooms Mom's place while Miss D stayed with Grandma.
The view was spectacular.
It was a pig roast. I will spare you the photos of the entire pig on the spit. It was tasty though.
 Then we all played a giant game of "drinking jenga" that was made.
 Friday Justin, Debbie, Miss D and I headed to 3 wineries. 
Grey Monk - one of our most favorite. And it makes me think of Gran and Uncle Brian.
 Debbie had never been wine tasting so Grey Monk was the best place to start!
 Then to our most favorite Ex Nihilo
We love this winery. It's newer, small and the wines are seriously good. A little on the pricey side but worth it - and another reason why I love this place...they use their kids art work for labels. Love.
This photo was taken the first time we visited 4 years ago:
Same spot with our little monkers!
After that we stopped at Intrigue Wines - which is brand new but we really liked it. Debbie can't say as she cut herself off at this point! :)
Back at Aunt Sandy's - Delainey loved this bucket of balls!
Later that day Delainey and I went to the park with cousin Grady. He is the sweetest kid.
 We also went to the park before dinner with Dad! It was just behind their house - she was happy - swings and slides!!
And getting messy in the sand!
Saturday morning we left the house early to head back to Kelowna (yes again)!! 
I told the groom I would set up the reception for him at the hotel and it was such an amazing spot! And the decor was right up my alley - loved it.
 Everything was going great - Justin caught a ride from there to the condo with the groom to get ready so Delainey, Debbie and I headed back to Kelowna right on time so I had time to get ready for the wedding, feed Delainey and head BACK to Kelowna!
That was until the highway was shut down due to a fatal car accident so we were rerouted. Long story short it took us 3 hours to get back to Vernon - AFTER the time I was supposed to head back to Kelowna for the ceremony - I quickly threw myself together in 20 minutes and was back on the road. Boo. PS. I made friends with google maps with having to do all this solo driving in a new city. Best gadget ever - it talks to me over the speakers in the truck. Genius.
Anyways I made it - 10 minutes late (I HATE being late anywhere - let alone a wedding!) and thankfully the parking guy let me park in the top lot that was reserved for those there for wine tastings not for the wedding.
Justin married selfie!!
 Such a beautiful spot! Cedar Creek Winery
 Reception was at the Hotel Eldorado
My seat for the wedding - amazing!!
 Can't beat that wedding reception view!
 Groom and bride!!
 And the cupcakes were amazing too. Oh as was the POUTINE 11pm snack!? Chunky monkey.
All in all it was a great wedding even though I didn't get to spend much time with Justin as he was in the wedding party.
The next day we met up at Justin's cousin Kirk's place for a day of family time. Justin's family took some time to spread the ashes of his Gramma and Uncle Keith over at a special spot to the family.
Before hand we had a hot dog roast.
 Their dog Macy climbs up to the slide and goes down! Super dog.
 We loved on Macy as we missed our Cruzie girl!
Chayse loved Delainey and pretty much took over whenever we were together!
Tye, Nixon, Delainey & Chayse
The property they have is amazing - it's like a kids dream! A big kids too!
 Justin took this as I was having a beer!! Who knew there was more than 1 kind of beer I like!?
The next day we dropped Justin off at Silver Star so he could go Mountain Bike riding. So Debbie, Delainey and I went up to Davidson Orchard with Crystal, Troy, Tracey, Erica and ALL the kids! They had a blast - petting zoo, train ride, apple eating, playground, apple slushies and I bought some amazing apple pie and apples.
No joke I wanted to take Chayse home with me.
 Huge pumpkin patch!
 We got to pick an apple - it was so delicious I had to buy some to bring home. Delainey shared with me - of course. What's mine is hers - she thinks.
 Justin clearly had a good day too.
That night we made everyone dinner for our last night.
Delainey enjoyed the ribs too!
 This face?! No idea.
So yes - great trip. We LOVE it out there and it's always awesome to spent time with family. I wish they were closer. Delainey was a super traveler on the way home too - thank goodness the early wake ups were worth it.

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Rachel and John said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Looks like a great holiday! My MIL just moved to south of Kelowna, so hopefully next year we make it out there. It is a nice escape. Just not that drive! That is awesome that D did so good, A hates her carseat these days so if she is not sleeping it is hard.
Love your dress for the wedding, oh and I hate being late too but you did good considering :)

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Seriously everything about this post makes me smile!! You look amazing! The wedding looks like it would be in a bridal magazine---oh the wine, how I miss thee! Such a cute family. Happy for you mama! What a great ending to summer.

Tawnya Faust said...

Looks like such a fun trip!! I have always wanted to visit the Okanagan, it looks like the perfect spot for a wedding!! :)

krink said...

Great pictures!!! Loved meeting up out here with you guys too!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Looks like so much fun- minus the driving and long delay. Google maps is my BFF too!!
I want to vacation in kelowna every year!

Gorgeous wedding venue! You look beautiful and only 10 min to get ready? Impressive!

That last picture of Delainey is priceless!

Bex said...

I have a craving for wine tasting in the Okanagan and this post definitely didn't help with that! Looks like a great trip.

Murdock's mama said...

What an awesome trip. Everything looked gorgeous!!

Rachel Steck said...

What an amazing holiday you had!!!

Whit said...

Looks awesome you guys!!

Whit said...

Looks awesome you guys!!

Whit said...

Looks awesome you guys!!

Ashley said...

I haven't used google maps on my phone... How did you get it to talk?? Lol. That's like a gps!!
Love all the pics and it looks like soo much fun! The wedding location was gorgeous and great decor!! Love your dress!!

Carolyn said...

What a fun trip! You look gorgeous mama! And D is SO DANG HAPPY. I love it! :)