Well we survived yesterday. Delainey did great with Grandma even though she now has her first cold (poor girl) and I made it through my day too. There were many tears and there were moments throughout the day that I was very unhappy but 1 day down. On to the next.
Even though at I am at work and wishing I was elsewhere I am so thankful for many things.
He showed up last night with beautiful flowers for me after my first day back - he knows how hard it was on me and I appreciate his understanding.
He also is helping out with our morning routine by walking Cruz in the morning on my work days which is so great. Even if our afternoon walk looked like this yesterday.
 {Going back to a job I love PART TIME! I am so lucky they were flexible with me and I am even doing only the best parts of my old job too!}
{I am enjoying getting dressed up again for work and actually putting jewelry on! Delainey was helping pick out outfits!}
 {This cute face. I mean really. She's rocking her hoodie from the college Jeff and Jolie went to and met at!}
{Coffee cart at work. The senior class comes around and delivers coffee or tea mid-morning. LOVE this. Hot coffee. mmmm}
 {Cruz and her patience. She is SO good. Even if she has been helping herself to the couch while we are at work. She really is a good girl and I cried leaving her too yesterday!}
{My be filled daytimer}
{Days off with these girls. Cannot wait -  yes already.}
{Grandma Debbie for looking after our munchkin when we are at work. This alleviates my stress for sure}

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Rachel Steck said...

Hang in there. Delainey is in good hands. It will get easier.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You are very lucky! I am so happy your job let you do what you wanted, makes it a lot easier :) I have accepted going back full time and actually excited for it now. Having someone you are really happy with watching the babe helps a ton! I have known our dayhome later for over 10 years :)

Murdock's mama said...

What?! That's awesome news! Part time would be my ideal situation. And grandma watching her one your days off--even better! {totally jealous!}

Ashley said...

Ugh I could not imagine! I joke with M that I am screwed when I have to send Noah to school and it is years away! I miss him when he is in bed in how room!! Glad that you survived your first day!! Boo to D's cold!! Does Debbie come to your house to watch her or do you have to drop her off?
Glad Justin could understand how hard this is on a mama!!

"B" said...

I have been dropping my girls off for six months, we all cry everyday still! I pray for the day I can stay home with them. Babies really just are the best thing EVER!

Carolyn said...

So glad your first day back went ok! And yay for part-time!!! But snow? Already?? SERIOUSLY??

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

That's great that your first day went back and good for you for finding the positives, despite how hard it really is!

I hope you meant Debbie alleviates your stress, not elevates it!

Nice flowers Justin!! Good man!

You have a coffee cart at work? That alone would make going back worth it!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oops I wasn't finished! First cold? I wonder where that came from :/ Now I feel bad. Sorry!!

D looks so grown up playing with her toys!! Audrey loves all the Little People stuff too!

Kaella Neithercut said...

Glad your first day went well!!! Thinking of you this week xx

Leigh said...

It will definitely get easier so hang in there! Hope Delainey is feeling better soon. And just think- the snow should be gone for your days off...lucky you!

Sarah said...

How awesome that you can work part-time, have coffee delivered to you, and have family watching your baby! How not awesome that you got snow yesterday, too! Yikes! haha so glad to hear that it is going well, even if you're not loving it, yet.

Kristin said...

Hope you survived day 2! I soooo wish I could come back part time but I don't think that will be an option :( we are short so many bodies at work. anywho, has that snow started to melt yet?

Bex said...

Hope Day 2 was better. It will get easier!

diaryofamadcrafter said...

Hang in there momma! I've heard it gets better! :'(

Nikki said...

I cant even imagine. I know I will have this issue when I go back!

Whit said...

Your first week is done!! Yayyy!! You guys did awesome. Hang in there it will start to feel like the new normal. Sending you lots of hugs as always xox