{a woodsy baby shower}

We are HOME!!! 
As awesome as our vacation to Vernon/Kelowna was we are happy to be home. Vacation recap to come soon - hopefully. The BEST part of coming home - CRUZ!!! We missed her SO much and I could not wait to cuddle her. And I am not gonna lie - I cannot wait to curl up into our bed tonight with Cruz for some snuggles!! A big thank you Mom and Dad for having her while we were away - we so appreciate it.
The evening before we left on our road trip my girlfriends and I threw a shower for my girlfriend Barb and her sweet new girl Taylor.
They put me in charge of decorations {and punch & salad} which was totally fine with me! 
{photos aren't great as they were just with my iphone as I had big plans to blog this while were away - ha}
 Big sister Comox!
 Candy Bar - every shower needs candy!
Crave cupcakes - yum.
 Guest book finger print tree
 Delicious sangria made by Sara's hubby to be.
We had a sip, sup and see - Drinks - Dinner - See the baby! We did a Mexican theme so all the food we brought was mexican. Yum.
Julia - seen below - made all the meat for tacos and she made elk taco meat - tasty! 
 Maternity photos by Whit.
 Barb's addition to the decor! :)
We had a quick visit from Krista and Charlie - 7 days old! 
 Barb & Taylor
 All of us girls! :) LOVE these ladies and I am so glad we were able to shower Barb and Taylor with love.

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Ashley said...

Love the decor!! Such a sweet baby!! Looks like fun!! It also makes me miss itty bitty babies!! Is it too soon for baby fever?? Haha

Mom said...

Looks lovely! Comox is adorable. Yet another great photo of the 'girls'. You will definitely need to get one with the girls and all the kids at some point.
Now WE miss Cruzie!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great job on the decor!! Love that wreath and the tree guest book is my favourite!
Cute squishy babies!! I want to hold them all!

Gabriella said...

What a beautiful shower! So many babies in your group. I love it!!

Leigh said...

Love how everything turned out!

Kristin said...

So fun, love the name :)

Katie said...

everything looks so good! i want some of that candy right now!