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I had to share this video. This is Kyle - he worked at Ceili's with my brother Jeff and I, he is younger than me and has ALS.
He is our wedding photographers brother. And the guy who put this video together was our other wedding photographer and Kyle is his best friend. There have been so many ice bucket challenge videos And I know you are probably sick of seeing them but this one is just a little different. It's 6 minutes. Watch it. It's fun too. ALS is an awful disease and I am so glad these videos can help raise awareness and money.
I checked my stats and 439 people viewed my blog yesterday. I know we can't all donate to everything but if everyone who views this post donates $1 - that's almost $500. If everyone choose to donate $5 instead of picking up a latte or a magazine - that's almost $2200!
ALS.ca - just click the little red donate button top right.
Plus it's my birthday so donate $5 for me. :)
Check out this video too. This was Kyle's Ice Bucket Challenge with the Stanley Cup!

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Erin said...

Happy birthday!! Hope you have a great day...

Ashley said...

What an amazing video! Brought tears to my eyes when they took Kyle down the slip & slide. A fellow racer suffered from ALS years ago, it's such an awful disease. Donating now :)

Kaella Neithercut said...

Happy Birthday!!!! What an amazing video (both of them!) I definitely cried at my desk. I'm sharing this on Facebook and twitter as we speak. Thank you for sharing lady!! xx

Rachel Steck said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend! I hope you have an excellent day. I cannot watch this video at work for fear of looking like a raccoon for the rest of the day, but I did make a donation.

Leigh said...

Such great videos! Happy birthday friend! :)

Whit said...

This made me cry and laugh!!! Such an awesome family and group of friends!! Definitely will donate for him and for your birthday today, love. (Going there next) Have a happy birthday you are one thoughtful and loving girl -- on a day that is about you, you posted something about someone else. I'm a better person for knowing you Ms. Alison Black. xxxxxoooxxx Happy Birthday!

Bex said...

Happy birthday, darling!

Mom and Dad said...

ALS is such a cruel disease. We hope all your followers will take the time to donate in hopes of finding a cure for everyone who is suffering from ALS. We will donate on your behalf...Happy Birthday!