{Workout Wednesday}

I have to share with you the AUGUST specials (because this month is almost over already!!) from Beachbody but first of all a shout out to my new coaches - I am all about the Carolyn/Carolin's!!
Carolyn is my long time blog friend (Mama to sweet Weston) and is a fabulous new coach and already kicking butt on my beloved T25! I cannot wait to see her progress!
Carolin is a friend of mine and Mom to 2 of my most favorite boys. She is jumping into coaching by doing Body Beast (one of the August specials) but is no stranger to BB workouts - she has done a few in the past.
Alright on to the specials!
Focus T25 - BUY THIS. ;) It's my most favorite workout EVER.
I own 3 of the 4 specials and can say they are all really fantastic in their own way.
10 Minute Trainer includes 5 workouts (Total Body, Lower Body, Core, Yoga & Cardio) - perfect for if you only have a couple minutes to spare, to add on to another workout or you can do 2 or all 5 to make up a workout!
Brazil Butt Lift includes 6 workouts that focus mainly on your "bum bum" ;) {it's also very entertaining!} But there is also Cardio, Sculpt and Tummy Tuck that work other areas. The cardio is very dance based and VERY hilarious to just imagine what I look like while doing it.
Body Beast includes 12 workouts and is all about heavy weighs and building muscle. Perfect workout to do as a couple - there are different plans designed for men and women- so don't worry ladies you won't "bulk up" like the men want to! I am SO tempted to buy this - I am excited that my brother did though!!
If you have any questions on them just ask!
But as I have said Focus T25 is by far my favorite workout I own. It was my workout of choice after Delainey was born and is easily still my go to! Read about it herehere, here and here.
I could go on and on about it but in short - It's a 10 week or 14 week program. I did 14 weeks - which was 3 phases - you do Alpha for 5 weeks, Beta for 5 weeks and then Gamma for 4 weeks.
You workout for 25 minutes a day 5 days a week with a double workout on Fridays (or workout 6 days a week which I did). 
The workout changes each day and you get a whole new set of workouts in each phase so it never gets boring.
I have been doing workouts from all 3 phases the last few weeks and love it. 
I just wish the "post T25 workout abs" stuck around!
Want to get 25% all workouts and beachbody products and much more...become a coach! 
Any questions about it just ask. I am SO glad I did.
Happy Wednesday!!

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Kaella Neithercut said...

I really need to commit to T25 (since Becky gave me the discs!!)

You look AMAZING!!!

Mom said...

Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration for sure! Just look at those Abs!!

Bex said...

Damn girl look at those abs! I really want to try Piyo so when that comes on special next, let me know ;-)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I love T25!! I had to take a break for a bit but I'm going to start up again soon. Just need to make sure my knee doesn't get worse. Love the sweat!

Gabriella said...

Love love love T25! I am only on Alpha, but I can't wait to start Beta and Gamma! You look amazing!