{weekend rewind}

 This past weekend was a ton of fun. Jeff and Jolie were out, our family friends the Barberio's, Logan and her kids were still here and Leigh, Brian and Harley as well!
Harley and Cruz were happy to tear around together!
Saturday morning a bunch of the troops went out in the boat to go wake surfing. Leigh and I took Delainey and the pups for a walk.
Then it was time for the Olympics that my Dad organized. We were in teams of 2 and had to do  kayak/Stand up paddle board, Kan Jam, washers, bocce and golf. I was paired with Brian and we did well in some - not so hot in others but it was lots of fun.
Our cheerleaders - Logan and Nana
 Avah trying out the kayaks
 Kaley watching
 Leigh and Jeff getting ready to go! They were a team!
 Steve, Kaley and Linds
 Harley & Cruzie watching - lake buddies!
 Jeff working hard!
 Dal & Log
 Kan Jam time! I need a lot of work throwing a Frisbee.
 Keep Miss company in the pool!
 Mayela was awesome on the SUP, she even took both Dal an Avah on with her!
 Leigh, Brian and Harley
 Delainey and Cruz playing washers.
 My little family.
 Fun with Uncle Jeff
 Watermelon junkies!
 Boat ride
 She doesn't enjoy herself at the lake AT ALL!
Watching the kids swim
 Cutest little bum ever!
 We also had a couple bonfires with the super moon!
And Cruz made a cuddle friend!
Such a great weekend! We stayed until Monday morning and now we are back home and getting all settled here again! BUT I miss the lake and everyone there already. Holiday recap up next! :)

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T. L. said...

I love how active you guys are! It looks like you had a really great weekend!

Rachel Steck said...

What an amazing time!

Carolyn said...

So much sunshine! Love it! :)

Bex said...

Looks like fun!

Leigh said...

Thanks again for having us!

Ashley said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! Love the family pictures!!

Ashley said...

The lake looks like such a fantastic time! You look amazing!

Kristin said...

I couldn't love your pictures any more!! I would love to be laying at that lake with yall!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That looks like such a fun weekend! I love that you guys had your own little summer olympics!