{week & weekend in photos}

 And I apologize right now cause it's mainly just a post of photos of our girls! 
We had a pretty laid back weekend and previous week so really not much to report here.
Crankworx was been on - apparently Delainey enjoys it like her Dad! We haven't put a show on for her to watch yet (like a kids show) but it's fun to see what catches her eye.
 We definitely participated in Miracle Treat Day! I wish every day was Miracle Treat Day. :)
 Cruz enjoyed it.
 I've been busy working on stuff for Delainey 1st birthday party (since I have the time) as well as prep for a baby shower us girls are hosting next week for Barb and her sweet Taylor (who I get to meet tonight!!).
We are enjoying the beautiful weather in the backyard.
Justin has been checking "jobs" off his list. He built a shed (kit) and then built some great shelves in it.
 Cruz and Delainey are never very far apart and Delainey is REALLY taking more of an interest in Cruz. Cuddles, kisses, pats - so cute.
Delainey is at this stage where she is WAY too busy to sit and read a book with me. The girl goes from the minute she is up until the minute it's bed time. We have been TRYING to get her more interested in a bed time story - even if it means mid play!
 She's just a goof!
And Cruz is super chill!
This weekend we visited with Grandma Debbie as well as Uncle Jeff and Auntie Jolie on the deck.
That is about it! :)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Such a busy girl! A is go go these days too. A loves Barney (so obnoxious lol) but it's helped her learn how to wave, clap and stomp her feet, it's too cute. It also can distract her for a bit when I'm cooking.supper ;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love the photos of Delainey with Cruz! Too cute! Those 2 are going to be best buds.

I also participated in the Miracle Treat Day as well! It's a good excuse to get a treat that I wouldn't have very often!

Bex said...

Too cute. Looks like a great week!

Murdock's mama said...

Can't wait to see all of her party details!! :)

Rachel Steck said...

I love seeing pics of your girls!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Never apologize for sharing sweet photos of your girls! Sounds like a great time just hanging out.
Love the party decorations!!!! How is she almost one?

Ashley said...

Love the party decor colors!! I also love all the pictures and agree with Nicole - never apologize for that!! Sounds like Justin is getting quite a bit of stuff done!! Love that pic of Cruz and D smooching!!

Gabriella said...

You need to frame the picture of her kissing Cruz - the sweetest!