I will eventually catch up on this past weekend (which was awesome) and our holiday at the lake (which was also super awesome) but for now I'm catching up on the long weekend. 
 August long weekend is Regatta at the lake. It's always such a fun weekend and I was even more excited this year as it was Delainey's first Regatta. It was a quiet one this year as Jeff and Jolie had to go to a wedding so sadly had to miss it. {I have NEVER missed a Regatta in ALL my life!!}
We started off with the land races Saturday morning. Delainey was preparing herself...
Steve cheering Kaley on!
 Taking it all in with Dad
 And watching some races with Nana
 Mom doing the Gramma's WALKING race - people cheated and ran. Clearly if it was a running race Mom would have kicked everyone's butt!!
 Delainey participated in her first baby crawl. Obviously it went really well. ;)
 Picking tomatoes with Gramma.
 Ready for the parade to start!
 She LOVED it and didn't take her eyes off it!
 Dilly bars that DQ gave out MAY have been a highlight!!
Mom and Dad's dance this year was to What does the fox say - it was awesome!
 McCoys's train - amazing!
 Dad is the shirtless Dalmation
 Mom the frog - as usual they won in their category.
 Saturday night Mom and Dad went to the dance. Justin and I just hung out and enjoyed the evening on the end of the pier with Cruz.
 Sunday we are in charge of judging sandcastle building so we did that again - it was a quieter year but still great.
Delainey was a big helper...
Then fell asleep!
That afternoon was the Kanjam tourney we host also. Steve and Justin won! ;)
Sunday night we woke Miss D up to come out on the boat to watch fireworks! She seemed mesmerized by them.

Monday Justin played volleyball with Ash, Amanda, Scott & Matt. They lost in quarter finals.
 We took a break to play in the sand and wade in the water at Thomas's - they have the best beach!
Play time at home on her new (to us) slide and play structure.
Such an amazing weekend! 

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Rachel and John said...

I always loved the regatta at out cottage! Yours looks like so much fun!

Ashley said...

Looks like soo much fun!! Crazy we don't have regatta here lol! I had never heard of it until reading your blog haha. Love D's jelly sandals!! I also love the family pic of you guys in the boat watching fireworks!! Glad it was a great weekend with what looked like good weather!!

Murdock's mama said...

That looks like SOO much fun! I want to go next year! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love all the pics! Sounds like such an awesome weekend. It looks like a great little community at the lake. I love the pic of D in the baby crawl! lol.

Gabriella said...

Her pig tails are the best! What a fun weekend! I love all the family time, and that picture of D in the baby crawl - the pout!!

krink said...

Looks like SO much fun :)

Bex said...

Great photos. Looks like a lot of fun

Leigh said...

Sounds like so much fun! Your parents crack me up...I can't believe your dad rocked out those boxers! Actually I can :)

Mom said...

Oh, what a weekend! SO much fun. I shouldn't laugh at Delainey in the baby crawl because I know she was scared but I just can't help it.

Kristin said...

Love her little jellies!

Ashley said...

Wow, this looks like SUCH a fun weekend! Delainey's pout during her 'race' is priceless :)