{Holiday Rundown}

Alright so our week at the lake after Regatta weekend was awesome. The weather was perfect other than one rainy day and it was so nice to hangout with Mom, Dad, Nana, Logan (& the kids) and our other lake friends. We did lots of just hanging our and relaxing.
I'll let my thousands of photos do the talking.
Fun day at the lake!
Justin taught Mayela and Avah to play chess!
Morning stroller naps.
 T25 workouts - best gym ever!
 Workout buddy!
Shoulder rides with Dad
We spent a morning with Kaley and Mrs. T wading in the water. Delainey loved it!
Morning coffee on the deck. I was spoiled having Mom get up early with Delainey and Cruz and having her and Dad hangout with them so we could sleep in a little! So appreciated it.
Kaley and Delainey sharing a snack. Lake buddies for life!
Driving the boat with Grampa
Dad and Justin took a day trip out to Hinton for a mountain bike ride. They had a great day until Justin took a spill and broke his bike. Womp womp. We are hoping it can be covered under warranty.
When they got home we left them on Delainey duty and Mom and I went to "Wild Women at Weirs"! It was a fun night.
 Kisses for Cruzie!
 Having a snack in her hippo Nana bought her at her house.
 Swinging before bed with Grampa.

 Bath in the sink!
I went skiing! Dad got a "new to me" ski
Rainy day walk!
 Gino - the Italian playing with Delainey and wine corks!
Mom, Umcle Jeff and Miss D
TAKE ME BACK!! So thankful we could spend that time out there. Have I mentioned I love that place.

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Ashley said...

Delainey looks soo big in that first stroller pic of her sleeping!! I also love that pic of Cruz!! Where is the hippo tent from? I'm looking for a sun shade for Noah! Sounds like an awesome week!! That's great you got a chance to sleep in!!

Katie said...

swimsuit twins! :) i love your lake recaps and want to be there!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Looks like such a great week! D is getting so big! We have had such great weather this summer, I am happy we are off to enjoy it more :)

Gabriella said...

Your trips to the lake always look so amazing! Great "gym" for the week! I am going on a trip for work next week, and plan to bring my laptop and do my T25 workouts in the hotel room. I will be starting week 4 of Alpha. LOVING every minutes of this so far - except Total Body Circuit, haha. I actually still love it, but kind of want to die during it!

Rachel Steck said...

You have a beautiful family; I love seeing these pictures. Makes me wish I had a sibling {sometimes}.

Bex said...

Looks like you guys had a great week.

Murdock's mama said...

These are my favorite posts of yours! :) I {heart} lake living! :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I can definitely see why you never want to leave!!

Grandparents are awesome, aren't they?