Baby Mama: Dew Droplet Shop}


Do I have a treat for you today! Alexis is the talent behind the Dew Droplet Shop - and talent is really an understatement. I can braid but she takes her bracelets to a whole new level. They are so unique and creative and I just love them!
Take a peek...
Love the simple letter...
 ^ LOVE this one above here!!
Alexis sent Miss D and I a Mama & Me set and they are awesome. Delainey looks so cute wearing hers!
We measured our wrists and Alexis made them to fit us perfectly! :)
They are just amazing - so detailed and intricately made.
I tried many times to get good photos for these and this was the face I kept getting. Attitude much!?
Thankfully Justin finally helped us out! :)
Now you guys can shop and get 15% off using the code friendsofd until the 15th of August.
Thank you again Alexis!

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Leigh said...

Super cute! Love that they come in matching mom and daughter ones :)

Ashley said...

Love these!! Soo cute!! I can remember making bracelets similar growing up!! Have a great weekend!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Those are adorable!! I wonder if I could get A to wear one.

Bex said...

So pretty!

Amanda Klein said...

Adorable! I love mamma & me matchy-ness!

Carolyn said...

OMG! They;re SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!