{a really great day}

I thought I published this weeks ago. Apparently not. So here goes. 
A few weeks back now we took a day trip out to Elbow Falls. Unfortunately due to the flood last June there aren't many hiking trails left out there and it's pretty sad to see the major damage that was left.
Found this on google images.
So crazy. There are picnic tables twisted and covered in piles of rocks, the asphalt pathways are in the middle of the new river bed and mixed in with the new rock bed...just crazy.
We took a little walk around though and showed Miss D the moving waters!
Love this photos of these two.
 This photo of Cruz that Justin took is my new favorite. LOVE it. She was SO happy.
  Cooling off 
 We then decided to to head over to Moose Mountain for a real hike.
Justin's favorite place with his girls!!
Cruz spent most of the time on leash as she forgot her listening ears and in bear country that is just not ok. Sorry Cruzie. Next time!!
It was SO pretty out there. Justin surely got sick of me saying "oh my gosh it's just so darn pretty" or "just stop for a sec so I can take a picture". The multitude of wild flowers, the hills, the mountains, the trees, the blue sky, my beautiful family - it was just perfection.
Feeding Delainey in the back of the truck before we headed back to Calgary.

 Hi Dad!!
Justin treated us to DQ on the way home!!
Then Delainey refused to nap....which would have been fine but Justin Mom was coming over so we could go out for dinner and we really wanted her to be happy and not a sleepy troll!! Thankfully she fell asleep when Justin took Cruz for {another} walk.
And we got to enjoy the patio at the watering hole!! I've been dying to enjoy the patio since they opened it and it was the most perfect night for it. They even played Taylor Swift. :) And I was lucky enough to have a pretty lovely date. The wine AND Justin. :)
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Murdock's mama said...

So beautiful! I love awesome days like that!! :)

Rachel Steck said...

You live in the most beautiful place. These pictures are amazing.

Leigh said...

Looks like you guys had a gorgeous day for a hike! Delainey's hair looks so blonde in the pictures :)

Kristin said...

Seriously amazing pictures!! Gotta print and frame those!

Ashley said...

You probably sounded like me in Canmore haha. Looks like a nice place as well!! I've found a few more places we will have to go on our next trip out lol!! Love all the pictures!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Such beautiful pics! We are hoping to get in at least one hike with Avery soon, but probably not till September now. Crazy its already the first week in August.
And sounds like a perfect date night, I have been craving a night out with me and Chad lately :)