{week and end recap}

 Happy Monday!
 I'm going to rewind allllll the way back to last Tuesday! :)
We met up with Ashley, Mike and Noah for dinner as they just arrived in town for their week visit! Mike "surprised" Ashley with this trip for her birthday and unfortunately she found out sooner than we had hoped but it all worked out anyways!
Wednesday morning they picked me up and we headed out to Canmore! I was a super helpful tour guide and didn't know where anything was! :) I usually have Justin as my tour guide and apparently don't pay any attention!
We found the river and I took some family photos for them and we snapped a few of Delainey and I as well. The backdrop was pretty perfect.
 We walked around, had lunch on a awesome patio - Ashley introduced me to Somersby Cider - so delicious. We also checked out some shops and had ice cream! Perfect summer day!
Thursday morning we met with them again and Nicole, Audrey and Leo for a walk in Confederation Park. It was another awesome day to be outside! And Cruz was SO happy to join.
 Delainey, Noah, Leo
 Ladies and Babes - and Cruz! Audrey was with us too I swear she is just too busy to want her photo taken!
 Thursday evening we had a great dinner at Nicole's so everyone could meet Ashley and Noah.
Thank you for hosting Nicole!
Lindsey (& Avery), Nicole (& Leo), Ashley (& Noah), Moi (& Delainey) & Leigh.
 Friday D and I met Ashley {and fam} and Nicole {and her kids} at the zoo! It was Delainey first trip to the zoo so I wasn't sure what she'd think or if she'd get much out of it but she got excited seeing the penguins swim and dive as well as the giraffes and zebras got close! Did her excited fist and leg pump and then fell asleep for the last half of the trip.
 Post zoo silliness!
That night Justin and I watched The Other Woman. It was a funny one!
 Saturday we did stuff around the house, my girlfriend Barb and her hubby came over for a visit and to borrow some baby items and we re-stained part of the deck.
 Washing machine watching.
 Beer tasting
Cruz cuddling
Saturday night we had a great dinner with our friend Blake and Karen - super excited that they are expecting a little boy in December! :) Such an awesome surprise.
 Sunday morning this little monkey was up before 6am AGAIN!! And thought she was pretty hilarious.
 Sunday Justin and Brian headed out for a ride in Bragg Creek so Leigh, Delainey and I hit up the Bearpaw market. We both got some yummy veggies and had a delicious farmers sausage. We did last time as well and they are just so yummy and lean.
D and I then met up with Ashley, Mike and Noah for their first Menchies experience! It was delicious as always and they had a new mint chocolate froyo so I was very happy. Delainey enjoyed her little tastes too.
We then checked out the mall and then had to say goodbye unfortunately as they are headed to Saskatchewan now.
It was SO nice to meet Noah and spend time with Ash and Mike again. So awesome that last time we met up we were chatting about fertility treatments we were both doing and now we both have sweet babes.  
 Delainey loves the pantry - caught her trying to help herself to a snack!! Busted little girl!
She also makes a huge mess on this mirror in our room on the daily!
Grandma Debbie came over for a visit before dinner and then it was early to bed for Delainey as she hardly napped all day and clearly we have had a busy week and weekend! Today we are having a much needed NOTHING day!
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend too! :)

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Leigh said...

You had a great week with Ashley/ family and friends! Thanks again for the market date :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Such a fun week! It was great to see you guys again :) Hopefully we can get together once more this summer. SO crazy how much can change in a couple years for the better of course.

Rachel Steck said...

Those mountains are so pretty they almost look fake! I'm glad you had a great time with friends this busy weekend. Delainey sitting in the middle of the doggie bed with Cruz is precious. What a sweet big sister Cruz is.

Living Out of Wedlock said...

I love the pic of the babies all laying together! Too cute!

Mom and Dad said...

2 more sleeps until we see that cheeky girl. And you too of course! Do I hear a big Yahoo!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What am awesome week! It was so nice to meet Ashley, Mike and Noah. Mmmm Menchies!! Good tour guide!

D raising the pantry already?

We also had a do nothing day yesterday. Mama needed a break!

Erin said...

Delainey is such a beautiful baby!! Growing up way too fast....

Carolyn said...

What a fun week! :) I'm so jealous that you guys got to get together with your adorable babies!

Ashley said...

Thank you soo much for such a fun week!! Your tour guiding was great, I think you learned right along with us!! Thank you for the pictures as well!! So happy to have finally met Delainey and have our miracle babes meet as well!! We are soo blessed! I'm glad we got lots of time together this week, although it was super busy! This will be one vacay I will go home tired haha. And thanks again for the gifts!! I will treasure that necklace for a long long time!! It's perfect, symbolizing hope, strength and Noah!!

Gabriella said...

What a great week! So fun that you all met up. I will host if you guys come to California!! ;) All those little ones are the cutest!!

Kristin said...

Loving all the pictures! You look gorgeous!