It's been a while since I have done some things I am loving so here goes!

 {Being Organized}
I still get teased at my monthly dinners with my girlfriends when we go to book our next dinner and I pull out my REAL day planner and they all pull out their smart phones. :) 
Justin has gotten me hooked on our joint calender in our phones but I will ALWAYS have a real day planner as well. 
I have bought many different day planner and I have yet to find one I REALLY love and can justify spending the money on - until now. And the lovely creator of these is an Alberta girl!
 Let me introduce you to Be Filled
Tiffany sent me this Day Planner {it's like she knew me and my obsession with colored pens for color coding events} and also sent me this pack of 6 colored pens.
It is such great quality. A day planner in my mind MUST have a coil spine.
 And there are so many amazing details!
~ An address book
~ A full calendar each month
~Weekly calendars with a to do list on the side bar
~ A list each month for birthdays and Anniversaries
~ Important numbers
~ A little pocket for stray papers, receipts, etc.
~ As well as a ziploc pocket
Check out the other prints she has as well:
She also has fancy frames, tote bags, etc!
Be sure to check out her shop STAT! Thank you again Tiffany - I will be needing another one in a year for sure!

 {July Specials}
PiYo is still on sale!
It was so hot last month that they extended it! I am a week in and so far I love it. It is such a nice change from Asylum and I really think my body needed a break from all the jumping and plyo. It is such a different workout than I am used to - gentle enough for someone new to working out or pregnant (there is a modifier) but challenging enough to work up a sweat and feel it the next day!
In 2 weeks I have 11 awesome ladies who have jumped on the PiYo buzz.

 {Inspiring Others }
I was a top producer last month within my Beachbody team! :) 
I LOVE this because it means so many people are getting fit or trying out a new program! I get so pumped when I get texts, emails or messages on facebook or instagram from 'my people' telling me they are loving their new programs or shakeo, that they are getting asked by others what they are doing because they look great and better yet - they are seeing or feeling changes in themselves. That in itself is why I love this "coaching" thing.
PS. If you are interested in coaching and want more info - leave me a comment or email me!

 I love comparison shots! And this is one of the last ones I can do with my little Delainey doodle!

{Family Time}
Myself, Cruz and Miss D are heading to the lake today for 6 days!!! Gran is arriving today too so I can hardly wait to get out there and have a good visit with everyone. And then come Friday Justin, Jeff and Jolie will arrive and we will also get to see Rachel, James and the rest of our lake family!! Whoo hoo!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love my be filled planner too, it's the best!
Have a wonderful time at the lake :-)

Rebekah said...

Such a cute planner! I also have to have a real planner even though I do put everything in my phone. Enjoy your time at the lake!

Stacy said...

I am a new follower - LOVE the comparison pic! Cute idea! I am also a hard core organizer...and I prefer the real thing, not my smart phone!

Bex said...

I love the Be Filled planners too. So awesome.

Gabriella said...

People make fun of me for how organized I am. I had a planner for a long time, and just recently switched only to my phone. I find that sometimes I miss writing things down and color coding! :) The comparison pictures are the best. Have a great time at the lake!!

Nikki said...

We use google calendar as our joint family calendar but I still keep my EC life planners swell! I totally get where your coming from!

Katie said...

I have a real planner too and I love it! i like writing it out! and LOVE that comparison picture! have so much fun at the lake!!!

Ashley said...

You look so amazing! You're so inspiring, I don't know why I just can't make myself make time to workout.
Those planners are nice!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love that planner! Might convince me to get one instead of my phone!

Congrats on being top coach!! You rock!

Ashley said...

Congrats! You would be a fantastic coach to have - you're soo encouraging!!
Those day planners are super cute!! I use my phone, but before that colored gel pens were a must have!! Now I color code our calanders on the phone, but I need to redo some!
Have an awesome week at the lake!! Enjoy your family time!!