{lake time = the best time}

 This past weekend I headed to the lake with Jeff and Jolie as Justin stayed in town cause he had plans to spend the day out in Fernie with Brian riding.
Backseat - Cat. Dog, Alison & Baby!
Sweet girl - until she woke and whined half the trip!
Jeff and Jolie had 6 friends out as well so the house was busy with 11 people, 2 babies, a cat and a dog!
Their friends are a riot and we had a ton of fun with them and laughed a lot!
 I was so happy that this munchkin slept through the loud house hold we had on Friday night - almost 30 people in the house and she slept right through it (I think)!!
In the morning she was up early but luckily had a little snooze on me before getting up at 8:45am! What?!! Who is this baby?
The weather turned out to be so beautiful after Friday being a chilly day.
Uncle Jeff in the pool!
Baby bikinis are one of the best inventions yet.
 Auntie Jolie & D - bikini babes!
Sisters to be! :)
 Practicing her running with Uncle Jeff - it was hilarious!
 One of Jeff's buddies and his girlfriend have this little man Wyatt who is 7 months old - and bigger than Miss D! He has the best facial expressions!!
Delainey wasn't too sure of his suit!
Dad working on this boat he restored and motor that are identical to the ones he had growing up!
Swim time with Gramma!
He's off!! SO cool.
Playing her own game of washers!
When Walls wasn't screaming and running from wasps (he is VERY afraid of them and it was the funniest sight) he was trying to catch fish off the pier. 
Dropped it!
 This little stinker up way past her bedtime!!
Bonfire! It was a perfect night for it and for s'mores! 
 Glo in the dark Kanjam!
Paddle board time with Gramma
Goodfy Uncle Jeff
Cruz was a real good life guard!
Watermelon junkie!
Get in my mouth!!
Sweet friends on the way home! :) Tired kitty and pup!
We were so sad to leave but excited to see Justin! :) Plus we are back on Friday and for a week so we can't complain!

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Katie said...

gosh she is just so cute!! love that little bikini! and so jealous of your lake house!

Murdock's mama said...

Sad J couldn't go, but it looks like a great time. Jealous of your WEEK at the lake!! :) Enjoy!

Leigh said...

Looks like a great weekend! D's bikini just kills me...so cute!

Sara Turner said...

She is such a little lady, and that tiny bikini is adorable, looks like you guys had a great time at the lake!

Ashley said...

Look at that little bikini!! They had a bikini in the ice cream print and in a cute chevron one at children's place, but I didn't know how J would feel about baby bikinis so I went safe with the one piece. Free shipping and sale is still on today. The girls clothes there is soo much cuter haha. Sounds like a fun weekend away. Look at all of you in that back seat haha.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Looks like it was the perfect weekend (minus Justin not being with you guys). I love her little bikini! So cute! And it looks like she is warming up to Jeff - I think in the past she tended to be crying in most of the photos with him? ;)

Gabriella said...

You guys look like you have the best time at the lake! I love her bikini, and Uncle Jeff is hilarious!

Kristin said...

Rocking that 2 piece! What a cutie!!

krink said...

Looked like an amazing time :)