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 Friday!! Whoo hoo - yet - right now we are spoiled as we have Justin home with us until I go back to work on September 8th so every day is a holiday and we have LOVED having him with us this week!! I think it will be EXTRA hard to go back to work come September but none the less we are so thankful for this time.
Today I have a company to share with you that has come in VERY handy for me at times. It is no secret that our precious Delainey can be a bit of a clingy monkey at times. Sure she still weighs less than 15lbs but it can get tiring with her on my hip for more than a couple minutes. She is also too big to haul around in the car seat when we are out and about now too. 
So when Hotsling offered to send a sling to review it could not have come at a better time! 
I received it a couple months ago and I have used it so many times. 
Running into stores. At the market. The above mentioned reason. Cleaning the house. Putting groceries away. You name it. SO handy.
Here we were running to the store to grab a couple things - no need for a cart but this sling makes this job doable.
 Delainey LOVES the vacuum BUT always wants to help! Will be great in a couple years but until then this makes the job much easier and us both happy.
And here is one of our days when she NEEDS me and can not possibly wait for lunch any longer on the floor!!
What I LOVE about it:
First and foremost - it's SO comfy. It never hurts my back, neck or shoulder
Delainey never complains in it
It's pretty darn simple and easy to tighten even when it's on
Very high quality fabric
Easy to wash
It's great for babies 8lbs-35lbs
You can carry your babe in 3 different ways depending on their size/age- more info HERE
Semi reclined Carry 
Front Carry 
& Hip Carry (what we do most)
There are 9 fun prints to choose from. 

Safety Precautions HERE
Find the right size for you HERE. (Mine is a regular)
If you are looking at getting a sling - I would definitely recommend one of these. They often have sale and deals you can't pass up so follow them on facebook HERE or on instagram @hotslingsllc

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Kaella Neithercut said...

We don't have this sling but London LOVED being carried too!

Katie said...

I need to try the slings I have again! Last times she just wants to crawl out!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Justin is off all summer with you guys?! That is awesome! I have a similar sling but Avery tosses herself backwards in it lol. We still try and use the Bjorn at the Market but she really hates being in it now. She'd rather I carry her lol - of course ;)
Have a great weekend!

Tawnya Faust said...

I've heard great things about hotslings! I have a ring sling and wasn't a huge fan, but my other carriers I still use at times!!

Bex said...

I loved to wear Liam when he was smaller, but since he started walking and being more active I haven't worn him. I had one of those slings for awhile before moving on to other carriers.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

That's awesome! So it's adjustable? Great vacuum helper! How awesome that Justin is off for the rest of the summer!

Ashley said...

So how is she secured in it? I've always wondered how they don't fall out haha! Thus would gave come in handy on Friday!! Cutest little helper out there!!

Murdock's mama said...

No way...off for SIX weeks?! I'm SO JEALOUS! I was just telling Adam I would like ONE day with our entire family home together. Man oh man I'm missing my family. It was HARD to go back to work today! :(