{Weekend recap on Wednesday}

Well hopefully these late recaps aren't a trend!! We had a fantastic 4 days at the lake. So thankful we could stay an extra couple days.
I will let the photos do most of the talking because:
1. We all know I always have a lot of photos. :)
2. I only have a couple minutes here while Delainey is napping otherwise she is climbing my legs and needing my full attention. Weekends away are always amazing but I find the first day back a doozy!
Friday we arrived at the lake and then soon after we did Grampa & Chris did as well as Jeff and Jolie!
Little did we know Jeff had a BIG surprise for mainly Jolie but it made for the such a fun night. 
A casual ride in the "squirt" (boat my Grandad built and Dad has kept in working fashion) to see if the motor was sputtering (all a big plow...)
Turned into this:
 It was the longest few minutes waiting for them to return from their boat ride while we were holding that sign. Mom and I were already in tears before Jolie even saw the sign!
SO fun and so incredibly happy for these two. So proud of Jeff and so excited that Jolie will now "officially" be my sister! And now it's wedding planning time!!! eeekkk!
This little love already loves the lake. I know it.
Chris and David having a chat with Delainey.
Mom filled the pool with balls and Delainey LOVED it. We got some adorable videos.
She was pretty thrilled with me cutting her nails also! 
 And even more pumped for a cuddle with Uncle Jeff!!
We went to the market and then Mom walked home with Delainey so Cruz and I took advantage of the sun!
It was a beautiful weekend weather wise.
 Sunday Jeff and Jolie had to leave early as Jolie was heading to LA to spend some time with her brother and parents. 
Walks with Cruz and Delainey
For the sole purpose of this happening...
 At dinner Delainey was getting antsy so Gramma gave her half her baked potato and Delainey thought that was great!
Delainey toy at becomes Cruz's bed many times throughout the day.
Justin, Cruz and Delainey - Father's Day photo! - No idea why there is a fuzzy spot on these. ;(
Justin had a good Father's Day that included a bike ride with my Dad and long naps.
 My Mom's Dad - My Dad and Delainey's Dad 
Great Grampa, Great Grandma Chris and Delainey and I
 Delainey played in the pool with water and the balls!
 And in her new bikini from cousin Ashley and Scott. It has matching sunglasses!
Waking up at the lake on a Monday is a great feeling. Even better when the pelicans join!
We went for her first kayak ride. She didn't love her new life jacket - it's too big so it wasn't a huge success. We will try again with the one she wore last time!
 She LOVES stroller naps.
 Me too.
We had good visits with Nana too with the toys she bought for at her cabin!
Finding more toys!
 Poncho baby!
 Packing up the truck - these two made sure they weren't getting left!
And then it was time to head home. :( Hate leaving the lake. But it was an awesome weekend: celebrating Jeff and Jolie, celebrating Chris's retirement, celebrating Jolie passing her thesis and visiting with Grampa & Chris along with the rest of the family.

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T. L. said...

Woohoo! Congratulations to your brother and soon to be sister in law! How exciting. Your cabin looks so peaceful and beautiful!

Ashley said...

Congrats to your brother and Jolie!! Soo exciting!! Let the wedding fun begin!! Love the way he did it!!
Did you dye your hair darker?
Love D's poncho!! Soo cute!!
Looks like yet another fun weekend with great memories made!
Look at D with those balls!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, you did have an amazing weekend! How exciting that your brother is engaged!!

I love weekends at the lake. There is just nothing like being by the water, especially when it's so beautiful outside!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Aww huge congrats to your brother and his fiancee :-)
Looks like a great look weekend with lots of R&R. Perfection for sure.

Leigh said...

Ah, congratulations to Jeff and Jolie again! So exciting. And about time ;) I love that picture of D and Cruz in the background (the first one in the ball pit). So cute! Glad you guys had a great weekend at the lake :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Memorable weekend for sure! Love Jeff's proposal!!

I also noticed your hair looks darker. It looks nice!

Mom and Dad said...

Great weekend photos. Sure did love spending time together.

Murdock's mama said...

What an awesome weekend! Yay for weddings!! I kayaked this weekend too, but wasn't brave enough to bring either of the kids! :)

Rachel Steck said...

Congrats to Jeff and Jolie! Yay! I love seeing photos of your lake trips, looks like such a great time! Delainey and the pool full of balls looks like so much fun!

Nikki said...

how exciting! sounds like a great weekend!

Whit said...

Ahhh I miss the lake so much when I see your amazing weekend!!! What an AWESOME weekend!! Congrats J&J!! I would have bawled my eyes out too. Delainey has SO much fun there, glad to see you put your feet up Mama ;) Happy FDay to Just too!! xox

Debby Blackmon said...

Congratulations to Jeff and Jolie. I love the pictures of Little Miss D. Can't believe how big she is getting. Hugs to everyone. Miss seeing you all in person.
Debby B

Janna Renee said...

Congrats on their engagement! Such a cute and meaningful way to do it, and I love that he incorporated the family!