{Weekend recap on Wednesday - whoops}

 Well better late than never I guess yes!? 
Friday Delainey and I met up with our friend Amy for coffee and a date at the market near us. It was really nice to catch up with her before picking Lily up from school.
Lily spent the weekend with us until Monday night and was much more interested in Delainey this visit. She enjoyed helping feed Delainey lunch. Even if it involved an outfit change afterwards! :)
 We went for a nice walk and thankfully she still enjoys a good swing session!
 Delainey was pretty happy about it!
 Delainey loved Lil. She watched her constantly and loved crawling to her when Lil was on the ground.
Saturday morning Justin was up with the girls while Lily and I slept in - if only I could sleep like Lily!
Saturday morning we headed to Bragg Creek - Justin and Jeff went for a ride at Moose while Jolie, Lil, Delainey and I went for lunch...
 Had ice cream and cotton candy...
 And finally found a playground!
It was such a nice little "get out of the city" day.
 Delainey has a strange way of showing how much she loves her Uncle but really does love him!!
 Justin and Jeff at the top!
Saturday night Justin took Delainey to a BBQ with his buddies and their ladies while Lil and I hung out.
Delainey hanging out with Steph.
That evening I found Lily napping like this!!
 So Cruz and I spent some time together in the sunshine!
Sunday we didn't do all that much at all. Justin Mom came to visit. Cleaning. Working out. 
 Catching some sun on the deck.
 Where Cruz is - you have Lil and where Lil is - you have Delainey!
It's pretty cool to see how far Lily has come and how grown up she is. I cannot believe she is 13 years old, almost as tall as me and wanting to wear all my clothes and jewelry. Not that 3 year old little girl I met with no language and just newly diagnosed with autism. I love it and always enjoy the time she spends with us - and SO thankful she still enjoys time with us - I was always dreading the day she got "too cool" for us. :)
We did piggy tails for the first time! They were a hit.
Delainey really wanted to help Justin with the baby gate installation.
 But got chased away with tickles!
Baby gates are up! Top and bottom of the stairs. Good work Just!
Yesterday I spent time at school taking photos of all the students for a project we are working on so that was awesome to spend time with them. They always make my day and Delainey cooperated while in the Snuggli on me while I took photos even though she craned her neck around to see out the whole time. I think we need an outward facing carrier - any recommendations?
And that's about it around here!
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Leigh said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Those pigtails are adorable!!

Rachel Steck said...

I always love seeing pics of your visits with Lily. It's fun to see how much Delainey loves her. I'm sure Cruz loves visits w/Lily too but also enjoys a much needed nap afterwards. Ha!

Meg Henning said...

oh my gosh she is just so precious and adorable!! how the heck can someone sleep like that by the way??

Ashley said...

Love all the pics!!! Especially the ones of Justin chasing D - her expression is priceless!! haha.
Lily is soo big now! Love that she wants to wear your clothes and jewelry!
Love D`s pigtails!!
Your weekend sounds like it was jam packed with fun!!

Ashley said...

oh and i love that baby gate - which one is it

Rachel and John said...

What a fun weekend! Love that Lily still comes to hang out with you. Looks like you made the most of the nice weather!!

Ashley said...

Better late than never - you and me both!

Great photos, I love that you take so many! Lil looks like she really truly loves being with you. So sweet of you to take her so often.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

We just bought a Baby Bjorn that can be in or out facing , our old one was only in. I got it at Once Upon A Child, I love Bjorns cause they are so comfy and easy to get on.
Where did you get your gates from? I like it, and we need one too :-)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh man, I wish that I could sleep like Lily, too! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

My siblings used baby bjorns with their kids and they worked really well. I used to lug my nephew Matthew around in it when I babysat for him and his older brother. He loved it and it freed up my hands so I could do more with his older brother/wash dishes, etc.

Bex said...

OMG! The pig tails are so dang cute!

I've heard that Bjorns or other outward facing carriers are bad for babies hips. I used a Baby Hawk and Ergo, both of which can be worn on your front with them facing you or on your back so babes can see what you're up to. Liam loved them both. Just my two cents!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Such a fun weekend!! Glad Lil had a good visit and she's enjoying Delainey now.

The pig tails are adorable!! Makes her look a little too grown up though!

Oh baby gates! Is it that time already?

I think Beco makes a forward facing carrier. There is a new Ergo out that also faces out- I think it's called Ergo 360.