{summa time}

 Take 2. Boo. I hate redoing posts. Anyways here goes.
This weekend went from having lots of plans to all of our plans getting cancelled so we had a lot of nothing! Sometimes that is nice. The weather turned out to be beautiful so we spent a ton of time outside. From Friday to Sunday together we did 6 long walks, a run and a hike. LOVE summer.
This weekend we were also reminded to be very thankful. There was an awful fire the community over from us and unfortunately it was Justin's buddies neighbors house. The fire was so bad though that it transferred over to his and both home had to be demo's Saturday night. We were just sick hearing about it. So we thanked our lucky stars all weekend and were thinking of these poor families.
Left this one alone for 1 minute and I come back to this. She loves making a mess.
Snacks on the deck!
 Already wants all the wine! 
 Concentrating very hard on getting the rice cake in her mouth.
Saturday I had to do "Game Day" from my Asylum program and thankfully Justin was around to entertain Delainey because it was 1 hour and brutal. ouch. I wish I could say I never had to do that again. After that Justin went to hang out with Darren so us girls enjoyed the sun and I prepped some meals for Miss D while she napped.
Backyard buddies.
 Delainey finds it hilarious to take Cruz's toy and then give it back to her so this is part of her bedtime routine for sure. Thank goodness Cruz is so patient.
We went for an awesome hike along the Douglas Fir Trail Sunday morning.
 Such a beautiful spot - you hardly feel like you are in the city. 
{Thank you for the backpack Auntie Logan}
 Justin had the harder job of carrying Miss D - thankfully she's a little thing!
Cruz was SO happy.
Delainey loved peeking over Justin's shoulder at Cruz and then decided it was a good spot for a nap too.
We also introduced her to the building where she was "made"! ha Thank you Fertility Clinic - we love you so.
After our hike we of course had to go for ice cream.
The girls waiting for Dad to get back with the goods!
 Delainey gets so excited to taste our food now - she kicks her legs and pumps her arms - so cute.
Sunday evening we also enjoyed the weather and had a date on the deck.
We tried the Bud Light Lime-a-ritas. Pretty darn tasty.
Finally tired.
Love this family of mine. And weekends with them.

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krink said...

Looks like a great weekend! :)

Kaella Neithercut said...

FUN weekend! I love summer too!!! It's so nice to be outside most of the day. I find London usually sleeps better when he gets lots of fresh air too which is nice!

Christy said...

One month from today we have our consult at the fertility clinic! I hope we love it one day as much as you do now :)

Looks like a lovely weekend!!!

Murdock's mama said...

What an awesome weekend! It looks heavenly! We had some terrible weather this weekend, so I'm glad it was nice for somebody!

Rachel Steck said...

You always have amazing weekends! I love that you share them. You all are the sweetest, most beautiful family.

Ashley said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!! That is terrible about that fire! It breaks my heart when you hear stories like that! I couldn't imagine! Love the family pictures!!
Look how long Miss D's hair is!! Crazy!!! Our dogs are in need of a good walk - it's been away to hot though!

Whit said...

Chill weekends, they THE BEST, hands down.. no plans are the best plans!! LOVE Douglas fir trail definitely one of my most fav places in the city!! Awesome weekend!! xox

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Sometimes the best weekends are the ones that don't go as planned. Looks like a wonderful family weekend. Love your deck!

Leigh said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! D's hair just kills me :) Where did you guys park for that trail? I've heard of it, but have never been. Is it close to Edworthy park?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That looks like the perfect summer weekend! The hike looks gorgeous - and what a good extra boost to the workout for Justin since he was carrying Delainey, too!

Mom said...

Terrible news about the fire. It sure does make you stop and be very grateful. Great idea to hike the DF Trail. Wilderness right in the middle of the city. Even better idea to have ice cream afterwards!

Gabriella said...

Fun weekend! I love hikes, and they are even better when they end with ice cream. I love D's face in the ice cream picture! And Cruz too - she is looking at it like I get some too, right!?!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great weekend, minus the house fire. So sad.
Where is that trail? Might have to try that since J keeps wanting to go hiking.
Mmmm ice cream! I told J we need to go to Menchies this weekend!

Kristin said...

Love it all! Did she like the ice cream?