A few randoms for today...
Yesterday Jolie successfully defended her thesis!! In Spanish at that! We are so proud of you Jolie and so glad you will be done your Master's and all the work that it entails VERY soon!! Jeff made us a delicious dinner last night to celebrate. And more celebrating will be done this weekend at the lake. :)
Speaking of the lake - I am SO excited to get out there. Grampa & Chris are visiting and it's been a while since we have seen Mom, Dad and Nana too!
I am officially going back to work PART TIME in September. 
It's all been worked out and I am so thankful that we were able to make it work as a family for me to be part time and our principal/school accommodated me. I will work Monday, Tuesday & every second Wednesday. And we are also lucky that Justin's Mom will watch Delainey on those days - I know J & I had anxiety over having a stranger look after her so this really makes me feel as good about this change as I can. Don't get me wrong - I am excited to get back to a job I love, my amazing co-workers and the students. Oh the students! :) BUT I still can't imagine not spending my days with my girls as I have been so so lucky to do the last 8 months. Luckily I still have 3 months to enjoy this and Justin will be spending the last 2 months with us!
Since finishing the 21 Day Fix I haven't been following any sort of workout program. I have been doing mainly P90X3 and then last week I did Brazilian Butt Lift every day.
Other than the crazy cardio workout (super dancy and NOT my cup of tea) I loved it but man oh man did it work my "boom boom" as Leandro calls it. The abs workout is pretty awesome too.
On Monday though I started The Asylum - and let me tell you - it about killed me.
I had a coffee date with Nicole and Leo this morning. It's always nice to hangout and chat with Nicole and just look at how much these two have changed since their first date:

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Such GREAT news! I am jealous lol. My boss is being a complete jerk, I asked for a 4 day work week and got zero understanding from him, so needless to say I am looking at other options now. I think it is great when an employer is willing to work with employees like this.

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

So happy for you!!! Great job Jolie too!! Such a happy post! Sooo I'm so not an insanity person... I love dancing and my booty can always use a lift! Do you. Think it's something I could do while prego??

Leigh said...

How exciting! That must feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. What do you mean Justin will be home with you for two months? And congratulations to Jolie!

Kristin said...

You are one lucky duck in the job area :) Def jealous. Hope all is well friend!

Sarah said...

21 day fix! brazillian butt lift! piyo! les mills pump! i want to do them allll!! but not asylum. ill leave that to you! go girl!
and love that you get such a great work schedule to go back to!

Janna Renee said...

I can't imagine having to present my thesis in Spanish! Wow.