{Baby Mama & Skirts for littles}

What can I say - I am that Mom. I like to match with my girl. At first I would do it "by accident" {insert snicker} and Justin always called "us" on it. He secretly loved it too. 
So when my eyes feasted upon Jessica's shop Skirts for Littles - I about died. Jessica makes pencil skirts for mamas and babes to match. Babies in pencil skirts?!! YES please.
Jessica made us these skirts to review and they couldn't be more awesome.
The fabric is so soft and I love the big wide band for the headband. Ok and the huge bow! :)
We went with the black and white striped front and aztec back as well as aztec band.
Delainey is wearing a size 6-12 months and it fits her great but will definitely fit her for a while yet and will just become a shorter skirt as she grows!
Mine is a size small and I just asked her to make it a bit shorter as I'm a shorty.
The so well made and  incredibly comfortable! We wore them out for dinner last night with a friend and got multiple compliments on them.
Cruz also had to try on the headband - she wanted to match us too. :)
Some other prints I LOVE from the shop:
Pencil skirts for babes. Best idea yet!
Want to match your little one or just want a skirt for yourself? Use coupon code PENCIL15 to get 15% off your order TOMORROW and SATURDAY only - set your alarms! ;)
Follow on IG for sales and new prints @skirtsforlittles
Thank you again Jessica.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

OMG how cute are these?! I'm checking them out for sure. You two are adorable as usual :-)

Leigh said...

LOVE both of the skirts!

Rachel Steck said...

These are so cute! And the headband looks awesome on Cruz too!

Murdock's mama said...

No judgement here--I love to 'coordinate' {that's what I like to call it so it doesn't sound quite as bad--at least in my head! haha} :)
You guys are too adorable!

Carolyn said...

Oh my goodness. CUTEST THING EVER!!!!!! I have seen some of the cutest baby maxi skirts on etsy - these are even better than those! LOVE LOVE LOVE! :) Also - you have amazing legs. Just saying. :)

Kaella Neithercut said...

Okay, you are seriously adorable!! And, back for my credit card! Everything you post, I want! Even though I don't have a little girl...the adult versions are always so cute! LOVE LOVE!

Mom said...

How does a 9 month old crawl in a pencil skirt? Just wondering?

Ashley said...

Sooo stinking cute!! Love it! I love that Cruz got in on the action!! Adorable shop too!! You two are just soo matchy matchy!! Secretly I try to get M and Noah to match... I often fail though because he catches on too!!

Gabriella said...

This is precious! I love the print! I also love that you match! It is adorable!!

Bex said...

The best! SO CUTE! I really love that skirt. There needs to be more mom and son matching so Liam and I can be twiners too lol

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

ORDERED! lol. I could not resist since I wanted a skirt to go with her new chambray shirt :)

Tawnya Faust said...

Lindsey just sent me to your blog to check these out and I am obsessed! Also your newest follower! What a sweet little one you have!!