{8 months}

8 months old. Impossible. What a huge change in her since last month and we love love love it. As much as I just want to squeeze and kiss her all day long it's so fun to watch her explore/get into mischief and learn new things. Like splashing in Cruz's water bowl, making music with the door stops and climbing onto the dishwasher door. All super fun and I know it will just get crazier and better!
14lbs 9oz - I'm sure it's more now - this was a few weeks ago
25 inches
For a couple weeks there she was getting up 3-4 times a night and would not go back down smoothly so after one particularly rough night (and it was only midnight!) Justin got up to try and get her back down too and with no success so he marched back to the bedroom and unplugged the monitor. ;)
She cried for less than an hour {which I SO didn't want to do} and she {finally} put herself to sleep.
We can still hear her from our room and I can still {stalk} the video monitor but it just wasn't the loud cries we would hear with the monitor that I would jump out of bed to "fix" so she wouldn't wake Justin.
Since then I have not gotten up with her in the night (!!!!!) - she often wakes up once or twice in the night and will cry for maybe a minute, turn around in the crib, sometimes find her monkey soother and then go back to sleep - often on her tummy. So yes - it's been wonderful.
Typically she will wake up around 5 - sometimes go back to sleep on her own, sometimes I will feel her then and then put her back to bed for a hour or so and then she is usually up for the day around 6 when Justin leaves for work. We know she is ready to get up when she is standing up like this (below) in her crib!
Except yesterday when we had to get up early to bring Lily to school - I had to wake her at 7:20am! And she hadn't been up at all! Lil tired her out!
{daily routine}
 Not much has changed here. Still naps 3 times a day for about 30 min each - longer on weekends when J is home!
She eats breakfast, lunch and dinner with us and then also nurses throughout the day as needed.
 {new foods eaten since last month}

butternut squash with cinnamon
green smoothie (blueberries, avocado, spinach, plain yogurt, water)
rice cakes broken up
gnaws on: home made teething biscuits, cucumber, peppers, dill pickles, carrot sticks
{diaper size}
Size 2 - we still love our huggies snugglers.
She is growing girl - she is growing out of so many clothes! She is in 9 month sleepers unless they are Carter's or 2 pieces jammies then 6 month still fit. Otherwise she is a real mix of 3-9 month stuff. She is tall so 9 months pants are best but then are typically big in the waist. And in tops she can still fit a lot of her 3-6 month stuff. Baby clothes are SO strange how is a size '6-12 month' smart?
{hair color}
Medium blond
{eye color}
Very blue
Standing up
Cruz and Cruz's toys
The door stops
Looking at herself in the mirror
Being thrown in the air
Being tired
Meeting a group of new people - gets overwhelmed
Having her face wiped after a meal - torture!
Putting her sleep sac on - means bedtime!

Cruz is ever so patient with Delainey. Delainey loves to seek Cruz out, touch her paws, grab her tail, try and climb her, steal all her toys...and Cruz deals. She is SO good.
The sequence of these photos is SO Delainey right now and she is so much harder to photograph...
"ok Mom you can take my photo but be quick" - always a blurr now!!
"oh Cruz you are moving your tail"
 "I love it"
 "I will come play with it for you"
{nick names}
Monkey or Monks
Daddy calls her Delainey Lainey or Lainey D
Miss D
Love or Lovie
 This is the moment I realized I had taken all her photos without her 8 month onesie sticker! Whoops. I planned to redo them but haven't had a chance yet.
{what's new}
We have a full on crawler and explorer! She is all over the place and quick! I now have 2 shadows, both her and Cruz.
She pulls herself up on everything now
Loves her food
Went on her first boat ride at the lake
Went to the eye doctor for her first check up!
We had to lower the crib mattress - girlfriend is all about standing up in her crib to tell us how done she is with her nap!
We had our last Gymboree class - we were going to continue until the end of June but our beloved Miss Kaitie left and it just wasn't the same without her!
Miss Delainey - We just love this stage you are at. We laugh so often and are so thankful you are so happy, smiley and healthy. You are so busy, learn new things daily and make our lives so so happy. I still wonder where the 8 months have gone because they are some of my favorite times and they have seriously flown by. I have been taking more and more videos of you lately because I never want to forget these moments. Your crazy sounds, squeals and laughs, your silly faces and just watching you learn something new and the look on your face when you realize you just did something on your own. We think you are the best and not a day goes by that we aren't so so thankful you are ours and so incredibly perfect. 

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Leigh said...

8 months already?! Time is flying by. Glad to hear that sleep has gotten much better! I bet you are feeling better too

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

We are having a blast at this age, too. Lots of mischief and cuteness!

I'm glad to hear that we're not the only ones with 30 minute naps. So many people say that their babies take two two hour naps a day and I'm like, what the what?? Noelle will only sleep that long if she is on me but if she is in her crib it's more like 30 minutes.

Also, baby clothes? So weird! Noelle is really tall.. she was 28 inches at 6 months so I'm willing to bet she is at least 29 inches now but she can be in 12-18 month pants and a 6 month top. So weird. And 6 month clothing ranges is stupid.

Gabriella said...

So big! It is so fun to see them grow and learn. This age is so great. I love all the smiles, and babbles. She is a doll! And Cruz is the best big sister, ever! :)

Megan C said...

She is adorable! Love that she is so mobile. Seth is not crawling yet but he wants to so bad. He has a hard time getting his short, chunky legs out from underneath him to get into the right position but he is working at it.
She has the cutest smile!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I say this all the time but she is so cute! Love her little smile :) She always looks so happy. I cannot believe she is 8 months already!

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Goodness, she is growing so fast. Her little smile is my favorite! I have to say, 8-10 months was my favorite age! Enjoy mama!!!

Christy said...

she is adorable!!! let me know if you want me to make you a couple pairs of pants/shorts! I can do a smaller waist size but the longer length :)

Courtney Kassner said...

The part about wiping her face made me laugh! I know exactly how you feel! Haha

Sarah said...

8 months was our month of big changes too! so fun!!

Mom said...

Just love all the photos. Can never get enough since we are apart so much. Great to hear you taking lots of videos.

Bex said...

8 months! holy cow! Definitely a fun age and one I miss. They are super fun but not mobile and no real tantrums haha! Enjoy this time!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So thrilled to hear she got back on track with sleeping!! Good girl D!! Now come talk to Audrey for me! We turned the sound off on the monitor at one point too. It's back on now for Leo though.

This is such a fun age! It seriously gets better and better every month!!

I agree that baby clothes are wack! Drives me nuts!

Nikki said...

Gosh I cant believe she is 8 months already! So cute!

Ashley said...

I still can't get over how fast time goes now!! She is such a doll and I soo can't wait to meet her!!! We need to start planning lol!
Baby clothes sizing is rediculous!!
Glad D is sleeping better!! It makes me laugh that J was the one to show some tough love, but hey, it worked!!
Does she say any words yet? I'm not sure what age that happens at? Lol

Katie said...

she is adorable!! and yeah for finally getting some sleep but so hard to hear them cry! addilyn is still waking up once - usually around four, although this week it's been random times. Now that she stands up as soon as she wakes up and cries harder it's harder to let her cry! I can't wait until she sleeps all night!!!

Erin said...

She is so precious! I can't believe how fast time has passed...I know you guys are loving this stage of life!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

She is too cute! I love all the photos but especially the ones of her standing up in her crib as she has a bit of a look of mischief on her face! I can not believe she is already 8 months, though! Time flies!!