{Wednesday Loves}

Half way through the week! Whoo hoo!
Yesterday was a LONG day. Started with the power going off at home 5 times in the morning which interrupted my workout, Delainey's naps and scared Cruz each time it beeped loudly back on.
Then we had to get down south for a measles immunization clinic (outbreak in our city and babes under 1 year but over 6 months needed to get a shot). 
I got there at 12:45 (later than I initially planned!) - clinic opened at 1 and the line up was already outside the building and the clinic was on the 3rd floor. Of course Miss D wasn't happy in her car seat so I held her for almost the entire 2 hours we were there. Think screaming babies, angry Moms, diaper changes on the floor, Moms nursing standing up, grumpy toddlers...basically birth control for anyone thinking of having kids. The security guard I chatted with said there were 130 people ahead of me. Some arriving at 9am to get in line. {womp womp}
I went into "Survivor" mode - and yes I mean the TV show. I pretended I was doing a challenge and had to hold Delainey and stay positive for to win. And by winning - we each won a painful shot in the arm. Not even cookies or a martini afterwards. :(
BUT I would do it all over again if it means keeping this girl of ours safe. But seriously there had got to be a better system than that!
How about some things I am loving!
Nicole introduced me to this stuff and it's like magic. I now can paint my nails and they dry in 1 minute - no more smudges after a 30 minute nail painting session.
So easy. Paint nails (I use a good polish that requires only 1 coat) then immediately after I paint them you put this top coat on and done. Plus it's a nice shiny top coat and lasts.
 This child naps in the funniest positions. She stayed like this her whole nap even after I covered her with her blanket.
 I love meal time now that Delainey sits at the table with us. We used to just eat all our meals from the couch but now that this girl is a food monster I love the family meals. She LOVES her food and is so chatty at the table.
My Mom gave me this book and so far it's great!
 Leigh introduced me to this stuff by giving me a bottle of it and it's great. Nice and light but great coverage and smells nice. 
Loving these 2 programs that are on sale this month! And all these motivated people that are getting their programs in the mail!!
I loved this bathing suit (minus the skirt) Gloria wore on Modern Family....until I looked into it and found it was ONLY $240. 
Even though there was frost this morning and people were having to scrape their cars it was a beautiful morning for our walk. Nice and sunny! I would like to ditch the toques though!
Have a great day! We are off to Gymboree this afternoon and Delainey has moved up a level! :)

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Rachel Steck said...

That nail stuff is amazing - I've used it for a while now, love it. Very handy when you have babies, for sure. I have plans to try that BB cream - hopefully I will like it as much as you do. One quick step would be so very nice, especially for vacation later this month.
Look how cute Miss D is sitting at the table!! Love her so much.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I'm so happy we can get their shots now but that's a terrible wait! Luckily we can add ours on at her 6m shots next week.
That's too funny how she sleeps!

Murdock's mama said...

I'm going to have to try that polish! Jordyn struggles to sit still! :) I cannot imagine standing in line for two hours keeping babies happy. Uffdah! I sure hope Justin rubbed your feet last night because you totally deserved it!!

Ashley said...

Maybe that Polish was help me get back into doing my nails!! I love that BB cream as well!! Thank you for telling me about it!!
What did you guys do about measles before? You had to be vaccinated as well? We have a small outbreak here, but I think it has since died down, but ours comes from Mennonites who don't vaccinate. That would be soo miserating waiting that long!
Love the pic of her sleeping! That's probably how she slept in your womb lol!

Bex said...

I love that BB Cream as well. It's what I was using until my mom gave me one from The Body Shop for Christmas that I like even more!!

I love that Miss D is sleeping with her legs up like that. Too cute. My favourite is when Liam sleeps with his legs tucked under him and his little bum up in the air. So stinkin cute.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh man, that line sounds epically bad! How frustrating. You definitely deserve a belated martini for making it through that experience, though!

That is funny that Delainey napped like that - I am trying to imagine how that can possibly be comfortable but I guess baby's bodies are more pliable than ours are!

Rachel and John said...

Yikes about the Measles clinic! I think it's odd that they are calling everyone begging them to get vaccinated but then that's their solution? But I'm glad you guys are protected now. I was so worried in the fall when the outbreak was starting and William was still 2 months from his 12 month vaccinates where he could get it! Nice to know they have a 6 month option now!

Leigh said...

Glad you like the foundation! And bought a bottle of the top coat. Thanks to you and Nicole for suggesting it :)

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

That is my favorite BB cream and top coat. Two must haves in my book! And D's sleeping positions….adorable!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Don't envy you on the vaccination clinic line up. Leo is too young- I'm trying to not be paranoid!

The power went out at our house only once (on Tuesday). Weird that it went out so many times at your place!

SO happy you love the top coat! It makes a world of difference.

I tried a BB cream and I'm not super loving it. Maybe I will try this brand. I wanted something lighter for every day since putting on a full face of foundation seems a bit excessive, esp for summer but I do like the coverage.

OMG D is hilarious!! That's still her fav position! Get that girl into gymnastics!

Gabriella said...

You might have a gymnast baby on your hands! So cute! I need to read that book. I have added it to my kindle list! She seriously has the best little smile, and I love her polka dot bib! :)