{snow and cake}

 Happy Monday! I hope most of you are having better weather than us for May!
Friday we had rain. I am ok with rain - we need things to green up.
But then this is what we woke up to on Saturday. 
NOT OK. Unless you are Cruz.

Yuck. And it just kept on snowing!! So Delainey and I had a snow day.
Her: Bath, Naps, Playing, Reading.
Me: Workouts, Cleaning. I also created a fun little play area in the basement for Delainey when we workout. 
Justin: Snowy walks with Cruz, helped Brian, did an oil change for this Mom. 
Then we had a nice visit with our friends Blake and Karen. Then Justin BBQ'd a delicious dinner and we had a nice night in.
Sunday Justin got up with Delainey and I had a nice sleep in!! :)
That afternoon we had Miss Fin's birthday party.
Party details:
 Banner I made for Miss Fin.
2 of my favs.
 Us with the birthday girl!
 The Cowans
Enjoying her cake!
It was a great party and we were so happy to celebrate this sweet girl with some of our closest friends. 
 And that about sums it up!

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Rachel and John said...

What a fun weekend! I'm so glad the snow is already almost melted. By the time this rain stops it should be super green out there!!

Katie said...

what a fun party! those cupcakes are so cute! and I like your workout set up - I need to get a mirror and put it like that!

Pamela said...

Snow? Craaaaaazy!!! Cute party decorations!!

Rachel Steck said...

That last picture of Finley is adorable.
So sorry you had SNOW. Ugh! I hope better weather is headed your way.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Aww the party looked awesome! Love the details :-) Boo to snow!
I set up a play area downstairs for A last week too for the same reason :-)

Ashley said...

Yuck to that weather!!! Although M was complaining about our rain, so I showed him your snow and he felt better about the rain!! This week shouldn't be too bad for us!! Hopefully it turns around for you!
Finley's cake is adorable!! Love the banner you made! Looks like a super cute and fun party!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh. I can not believe you go snow in May - and that looked like a lot of snow! Bleh. I hope that spring arrives for good soon... The birthday party looked like so much fun! I love the banner you made!

~Dawn~ said...

That snow makes me sick!! Yuck!! Other than that it looks like you had a great weekend...any weekend that you can 'sleep in' is perfection in my book ;)

Gabriella said...

That is a lot of snow! Hopefully spring decides to show up and stay awhile. Happy Birthday, Finley! What a cute party, and adorable birthday girl!!

Leigh said...

That last picture of Finley is adorable! Glad you guys had a good weekend minus the crappy weather

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great weekend, in spite of the yuck weather! Love the workout area you made for D!! Good idea! I'll have to do something similar for Leo I suspect.

Finley's party looked wonderful! Love all the details! Those flower cupcakes look Delish! She has the most squish able face!! D looked very happy to be celebrating!

Nikki said...

Snow in May?!?! Is that normal up that way?!?! I would cry.

Jamie said...

Snow in May?! I would cry. You guys look great though!

Kristin said...

ahhh the shot process sounds awful!! No fun!!

Kristin said...

ahhh the shot process sounds awful!! No fun!!

Kristin said...

ahhh the shot process sounds awful!! No fun!!

Kristin said...

ahhh the shot process sounds awful!! No fun!!