{May Goals?}

How the heck is it May? I am happy that with it being May our weather should be improving from here - after our dump of snow they are calling for tomorrow. LOVELY
I have to say I am SO very excited about all the awesome people I have jumping on board buying Beach Body programs just in time for summer! So pumped for them to fall in love with these program and see changes in themselves like I did.
For the month of May Beach Body has 2 incredible programs on sale.
First one: 
I started this right after I finished Focus T25 and at first I wasn't sold on it - but I now love it. It changes EVERYDAY and you don't repeat workouts often so there is a ton of variety - total of 16 workouts over the 90 days and each workout is 30 minutes. 
You have resistance workouts, power workouts (heavy weights!), cardio workouts and workouts that work on your core, balance and flexibility like yoga and pilates. So far they are all fantastic and anyone can do these workouts as there is always a modifier and you can make them as hard or as easy as you want depending on what weights you choose or how hard you push yourself on the workouts that don't require weights!
More info on this program here.

And lastly: 
This program I have done parts of but not the full 90 days. The instructor Chalene Johnson is awesome, so motivating and upbeat - she definitely keeps you going with her energy (the music is great too). I LOVE the HIIT workouts and they are great alone if you have little time to workout or an add on to any workout. These workouts are a combination of kickboxing with some dance moves thrown in there, HIIT drills, core work, stretch workouts and some strength with resistance bands. If you are looking for something FUN (and to sweat!) - this is your workout. I mean you get to "shake it" and "raise the roof" while working out!
More info on it here.
 So if you have been thinking about trying either of these programs - now is the time as they are only on sale for the month! Leave me a comment if you want more details or have any questions!
My goal for May is to finish out The 21 Day Fix I started on Monday - which means workouts for 21 days in a row (review to come - my legs are so sore today!)
And then jumping back on board with P90X3. To tell you the truth I miss doing Focus T25 but want to finish out P90X3 - but after that I think I'll be reuniting myself with Shawn T again - he is no Tony Horton... ;)
And now that the weather is nice (ha) I hope to do much longer walks twice a day with my girls.
And not workout related - I plan to just ENJOY these months I have left being at home. 7 months has flown by and they have been the VERY BEST months so I just want to savor the last few.
And there we have it! :) Happy first day of May!

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Mom said...

What? I am the first to comment today and it is 8pm. Something must be wrong with the comment section!
I am thinking Dad and I should give T25 a try sometime. You seem to really like that one. For now we will do our boot camp with actual beach work and our own workouts!

Carolyn said...

OMG! A 30 minute P90x?!?!?!

Ashley said...

You look amazing! I wish I had your dedication!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Those abs!! My package is in the mail and should be here soon! I'm so excited!!

We need to plan a walk ASAP! Next week?