We have a crawler on our hands! Let the fun begin!! (I hope this video works...)

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Logan said...

Umm we are wanting to come see a baby? The kids are so excited to meet Delainey! Can't wait! Though I'm not sure I'm a fan of her crawling! 😜

krink said...

Yeah Delainey!!! Auntie is so proud of you! :)

Murdock's mama said...

Just wait...it's about to get crazy! :) I LOVE experiencing each milestone of the kids' :) YAY Delainey!!!

Rachel Steck said...

Oh boy - look out everybody! {especially Cruz}. Good job Delainey!!

Jennifer Golding said...

Way to go D!!!! Man does time go by fast, I swear she was just a tiny little baby a few weeks ago! Oh the trouble Cruzie and her are going to get into :)

Ashley said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Adorable!!! You must be soo proud!! Time to baby proof the house!! The fun is about to begin haha
Look out Cruz!! Just imagine the fun they will have!! Love it!!

Bex said...

Crawling already! I still feel like she was just born! What a cutie