{5 Thursday Randoms}

Today all my brain can muster up is some randoms. Delainey is on a "boycott all naps and try and wake up as often as possible kick at night" it's really fun and I am really tired. When I left for errands today I grabbed Delainey's sunscreen off the washing machine instead of my water bottle. And didn't notice until I went to drink my water on the way home!
So random it is...

 Today while grocery shopping I found this...
Mom and Dad introduced us to these last year from Trader Joe's 

and of course we stocked up on it while in Phoenix because it is sooooooo tasty. So we will have to see how the above compares. Plus is was only $1.97. Not sure that's a good thing if it compares...
This girl loved dill pickles.
Jeff and Jolie came for dinner on Tuesday night. Jeff and Justin met Brian for a ride on Nose Hills while us girls hung out and chatted over wine while making dinner.
Delainey loves Auntie Jols.
On Monday Nicole, Audrey and Leo met up with us for a walk. She brought us Starbucks, I provided a coyote filled ravine. Womp. Darn Coyotes. We had a beautiful sunny walk though and even played at the park afterwards!
Delainey and Leo cuddling on the bench.
This girl was grounded on Tuesday. She ran to the very top of the ravine to roll in something that no longer had a pulse. For about 5 minutes and did not listen. And then smelled just wonderful. So I made her stay on the deck for a couple hours so she could enjoy the stench. She stood like this the whole time. Then she had to have a bath. It's a good thing I love her so.
That's all I got for today. Have a good one!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love Cookie Butter! Did you find that at Superstore? I got some there too.
A also loves dill pickles, too funny!
Yay for Starbucks and a walk but BOO for coyotes!

Mom said...

What is with Miss D and her not napping OR sleeping? You were not a good sleeper either but not this bad.
Taste test this weekend for sure. Yummers
Oh oh for coyotes and stinky Cruz!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Where is that Cookie butter from? I've never tried it but anything with cookie in it MUST be good! Or maybe you shouldn't tell me or else I will eat a whole jar.

D is adorable munching on her dill pickle! Bet it feels good on her mouth!

You got a great picture of D and L!! You can really see how blue their eyes are! Darn coyote! Audrey scared him away though!

Oh Cruz!! That sounds awful!

Does Delainey nap on the go? She must be working on some genius milestones or something! Audrey is currently reading and playing in her room instead of napping... She's working on her 'defying mom' skills.

Ashley said...

what is cookie butter? what do you put it on? what does it taste like and where did you buy it? haha

Oh Miss D, you gotta try this thing called sleep!! You wont miss much!!

Geez the coyotes sound bad and I am sure whatever Cruz rolled in was probably product of the coyotes!! are people allowed to shoot them there? that is what happens around here.

Love the pics of D and Leo! Soo cute!! Love that you guys get together! Oh and well I cant wait to hang out too!!

Carolyn said...

OMG! Her face while she's eating pickles! Priceless! I might need to give Weston a pickle! HAHAHA

Katie said...

i've never tried cookie butter! i want some. and boo for nap strikes and night waking. :(

Leigh said...

Oh Cruz! Good thing you are cute. Did you end up giving her a bath? And did the coyote come near you guys? And cute picture of D and L!