{21 day FIX}

A couple weeks ago I finished the 21 day fix.
The 21 day fix is a Beachbody program that focuses on nutrition, proper portion sizes and effective workouts. I will say that I did not follow the meal plan but was very mindful of my meals over the 21 day, tried to focus on portion size and planned healthy meals. But with that said over the 21 days - we went to Smugglers, we were at the lake, I ate ice cream, drank wine, yada yada but everything in moderation right?!
I did follow the workouts and worked out for the 21 days in a row. 

About the program:
The Containers - the program comes with 7 color-coded containers:
Green - Veggies
Red - Protein 
Purple - Fruit
Yellow - Carbs
Blue  - Fats & Cheeses
Orange - Dressings & Seeds
Depending on your caloric intake you get a certain number of containers each day.
You also get a certain number of tablespoons a day to be used on oils, nut butters and seed butters.
There are also free foods that don't count. There is a meal plan to follow as well if you want something concrete to get you through this program with max results.
The goal of the 21 Day Fix is not that is it a temporary diet - it will teach you how to eat right to fuel your body for life - not just 21 days.

The workouts - 7 workouts, 30 minutes a day for 21 days.
It comes with 7 different workouts (& a bonus free workout) which are very varied: 
Total Body Cardio Fix: 4 rounds, 2 exercises a round for 1 min each - then repeat. I used 10-15lbs weights.
Upper Fix: 2 rounds, 5 exercises a round for 1 min - then repeat. I used 8-15lbs weights.
Lower Fix: 4 rounds, 2 exercises a round for 1 min, repeat. Bonus booty exercise! I used 15lbs.
Pilates Fix: Some typical pilates move, mat work, plank work - blast those abs and booty! I really liked this workout - it was gentle yet effective.
Cardio Fix: 4 rounds, 2 exercises a round for 1 min - then repeat. 
Yoga Fix: Very basic and simple yoga routine. Good for a rest day or used as a stretch but to be honest I didn't love this workout. 
Dirty 30: LOVED this workout. 4 rounds, 2 exercises a round for 1 min.
Plyo Fix: This is the free workout you get if you order through me! ;) It's full of {super awesome fun} plyometric exercises!
10 minute fix for abs: I added this bonus on every 2nd day or so depending on Delainey's mood!
Whether you workout most days or are just starting your fitness journey this program is for you. There is a modifier in all the workouts and there are people working at all different levels. 
You will need a set of heavy and light weights or bands. This is where you make these workouts your own - you choose how hard or how easy you are going to make it. But you need to push yourself!

The Trainer - Autumn Calabrese. She is a personal trainer and fitness competitor. She is young, easy on the eyes (so Justin tells me - tee hee), super fit and very motivating.
Autumn quotes:
You can't out exercise a bad diet.
If you are sick of starting over - stop quitting.
Don't wish for it - work for it!
She is full of quick inspirational comments that keep you going and I LOVE that she is constantly reminding everyone about posture, body position and the importance of proper form to avoid injury.
Some thoughts:
This program does not involve counting calories which I think is great. You simply fill the containers and dump on your plate or take the containers with you if you are going out.
You can still have treats and wine - just use 1 or 2 of your yellow containers for those. I love this because if you are restricted to not having something - you are just going to want it more. And plus - you gotta enjoy yourself too and this is lifestyle not a diet!
There is a basic warm up and cool down with each workout. 
I think this program is a great RESET for someone who feels they need to get back on track eating wise and with their workouts. 
If you want to lose weight, gain energy, tone up and lean out (or a combination of those!) - this program is for you. 
They say it takes 21 days to form a habit so I think for someone who wants something to change up their current workout plan (or lack there of!) this is the perfect program.
It's only $60 and 30 minutes a day. So no excuses!
And since everyone loves to see results - here are some of the results from the awesome ladies on my fit team (because I am sure you are tired of seeing me)!
These before and afters are 21 days apart!
 There you have it - another great Beachbody program that I can vouch is awesome. If you would like more information on it or any other program just let me know - I would love to help you find a program that perfect for you!

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Kaella Neithercut said...

Wow, amazing results! I find my post-baby belly isn't where I would like it to be so many I need to start looking at doing something like this or the T25 (I think that's what it's called) you've posted about before! Thanks for sharing :)

Sarah said...

MAN! that is amazing!!!!!! this program sounds awesome!

Katie said...

if i wasn't starting training for the marathon I would do this!! maybe after? :) i need to work on the healthy eating part!!

Bex said...

The food program sounds like a good idea. I think I would be interested in that part alone but since I wasn't a fan of T25, I'm not sure I would like to follow the exercise portion.

Janna Renee said...

I didn't know about the container thing...that's a cool way to ditch counting calories!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Sounds awesome!! I think I might do that one after T25. It's so neat to see everyone's results!!

Did you like T25 or 21 DF better?

Laura said...

Hmmm i never heard of this, but im going to look into it, i like it!