{weekend rewind}

We had a fantastic weekend! I almost forgot how great long weekends are with Justin's day off!
Jumping back to Thursday for second - I watched my newphew Nixon Thursday morning while Crystal volunteered at Emerson's school. Both Cruz and Delainey loved having him to play with!
 Friday night Emerson and Nixon both came over. It was non stop play that's for sure! Emerson was thrilled that Delainey has a tea set! We had countless tea parties and went camping. Switching spots over and over to avoid Cruz and Nixon!
 She wanted to hold Delainey like a baby - clearly Delainey does not think she is a baby any longer!
 Uncle Justin the tickle monster working double time!
 Both Nixon and Emerson helped Uncle Justin BBQ and they both ate like pros!
 Messy rib face!
Emerson reading Delainey a bedtime story!
 Nixon got picked up [asleep] after Crystal and Troy's date while Emerson had a sleepover. Her and Uncle Justin got up early and watched Frozen!
 We made cinnamon buns for breakfast!
 Cruz and Emerson camping under the table! We also painted, played hide and seek and were very quiet not to wake the monster on the couch (Uncle Justin) while playing!
 Once they left Cruz was exhausted!!
Delainey had a bath - love those cheeks.
Saturday afternoon Justin went to go hangout with Darren. My Mom and Dad came over to visit and Cruz went home with them for a sleepover so she could go running with them on Nose Hill Sunday morning!
They had both their fur grandkids over! Junie was sleeping over too!
 Saturday night Justin brought home all the groceries to make a delicious dinner. He BBQ'd steak, potatoes, made caesar salad, mushrooms and even champagne. Good man. :) After dinner we had a dance party in the kitchen - Delainey loves to boogie!
Sunday morning I did something I haven't done in Delainey's entire life. Worked out without her! And without Cruz. So no ball kicking, singing songs, making silly faces or pausing. It was lonely and boring!! I love my workout buddies and I think it's important for Delainey to entertain herself while I am busy working out.
Sunday afternoon I went to visit with Nana with Mom and Dad and picked Cruz up while Justin put his bike back together.
 Sunday night Delainey did not want to go to bed - she wanted to cuddle with Daddy and fall asleep with on his chest. ;) I was ok with it. 
I think that's a wrap! Happy Monday.

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Katie said...

i'm impressed with your babysitting and sleepovers :) and I still don't know how you work out with delainely awake! Addi needs to learn a lesson or two in that :) glad you had such a good weekend!!

Rachel Steck said...

You always have the best weekends!

Nikki said...

Sounds like you had your hands full this weekend!

Murdock's mama said...

Is this a glimpse of your life in a couple of years? Because if so, I LOVE it! :) You guys are so awesome!! What an awesome weekend!

Carolyn said...

What a great weekend! D is so stinking cute. And I love that she doesn't think she's a baby anymore - Weston doesn't either! He gets so angry when we try to hold him like a baby! HAHAHA

Rachel and John said...

What a fun Family filled weekend!!

Ashley said...

Love that firstic of Emerson and the tea party! So looks thrilled!! I also love the camping one with Cruz! Looks like she has lots of fun with her Auntie!! You guys are such great parents and I know D will have just as much fun as she grows older, as I am sure she does now! Sounds like a perfect weekend! Love that Junie goes for sleep overs too!!