{the weekend of SUN}


Well weekends are just that much better when the sun is out, the sky is blue and the snow is melting - all weekend!! Am I right!? 
Like I said - Friday we took Miss Cruz to her favorite place...the vet. It was Delainey's first trip out of the belly so that's a positive seeing as it means Cruz hasn't been in 6 months!
Still waiting for results but after the weekend of putting her medicated cream on her ear 3x a day it is looking better so hopefully it's clearing up.
Tired girl after a market date with my SIL Crystal, Emerson and Nixon.
Saturday morning Justin had some quality time with his girls:
Cuddles and giggles on the couch...
Bath time cuteness...
 Some exercise - she does this adorable twinkle toes jumping on her tip toes now. So so cute - says her Mom and Dad.
 He is also a master hair dresser!
 While they were having a fun morning - I went to a Barre Body Fit class at the Barre Body Studio that my SIL is a new "Barre Tender" (instructor) at. It was awesome! A nice change for sure and I "felt the burn"!!! 
Teeny tiny little pulses!! Right Krink! :)
And see that bottom left photo - that bright circle is the SUN! And yes the sky was blue and my sun roof was open!! SO great.

Justin put his bike back together after getting a part back from the bike shop. He is excited that he is taking his bike with us to Phoenix - on FRIDAY! eeekkk
On a lovely ravine walk
Sunday we had a nice lazy morning. Ate a yummy breakfast together (with the patio door open I must add!!)
I worked out, Delainey fought her nap, Justin easily took a nap, Cruz followed me around...:) the regular.
That afternoon I was off to hangout with Whit and help her prep for an upcoming shoot and Gramma Debbie wanted to baby sit so she kicked Justin out too and he went to help Darren with some house projects. Justin is Darren's handy man. :)
Justin requested appy night for dinner and before you knew it was bedtime. Unless you are Delainey - then it means party time. :) Silly child. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend too! :)

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Murdock's mama said...

Fun weekend...we finally have sunshine here too!
Tell me you are NOT driving to Arizona?!

Mom said...

Yahoo for sun and heat! Double yahoo that it is only 4 more sleeps until we are in Phoenix together

Ashley said...

Love that last pic of Justin and Delainey!! Soo cute!
I'm glad Cruz is feeling better!! Poor girl!
Jealous of your vacay!! They take bikes on airplanes?
We had good weather but not quite warm enough for the patio door to be open, but they are calling for 17 on Thursday!! Yes please!!

Carolyn said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Gotta love spring weather!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Sounds like a great weekend and the best part is the weather! I want to try a barre class sometime :)

Kristin said...

Glad the sun came out for you guys!! Hope that snow starts to go away

Rachel and John said...

What a lovely weekend! I loved the sun so much. I hope it's here to stay! I love Barre work outs! I am going to go see where that studio is located.

Leigh said...

So glad that the sun finally came out to play! How is Justin getting his bike there? In a bike box?

Rachel Steck said...

Glad you had a great-weather weekend, finally!

krink said...

Sounds like a great weekend overall.
I'm super glad Cruzie's ear is doing better! I worry about that girl!
And thanks again for coming to class! It was awesome having someone I know there ;) And I'm glad you felt the burn... those teeny tiny pulses are killer!!!