thinking...it's crazy that 2 days in a row I walked in capris and a tank top and this morning there is snow. Mother nature you are drunk.

loving...that Jeff and Jolie are coming to Phoenix now too! 2 sleeps.


inspired by...all the ladies I am "meeting" from starting with Beach Body. My 21 Day Fix arrived so I am excited to start that when we get back from holidays!
Check out Shannon - this is after just 5 weeks of Focus T25 and 7 months after baby #2.
Such a great program!

sad...that we are leaving Cruz while on vacation. We have a great family friend staying with her here so I know she will be well taken care of and get lots of love but we have always left her with either my parents or Aunt and Uncle who she knows and loves. But I LOVE that we will all be in Phoenix together!

anxious...about our flight with Miss D.

needing...Delainey to sleep better. This is her new gig - flipping on her belly and then scootching up to the bars of the crib...? At 4 am. 5am...

working on...painting Delainey's toes. It's a must and nearly impossible.

grateful for...this relationship.

loving...the days of great weather we had! Yesterday we went for a walk and park date with Whit and the kids in Prince's Island park. Delainey went in a swing for the first time and loved it!
 We also spent time out of the deck!
And met Nicole (& Audrey and Leo) for a menchies date yesterday too!

excited for...spring outfits too!
Get in my closet already!

listening to...Lana Del Rey. Obsessed.
The end. Happy Wednesday.

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Leslie said...

Oh my gosh! I am loving Lana Del Rey as well!
Avery one of those outfits are fantatsic.... maybe some day it will be warm enough here to were them....

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I was just thinking of painting A's toes lol. Loving this weather :-)

Teal Vogue said...

Ummm Shannon's results are absolutely AMAZING not to mention those babies are pretty cute too! :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Don't stress about the plane. D will do awesome! Audrey slept through her first flight at 8 months. Even if it's horrible, it's pretty short.

Love all those outfits! Makes me want to go shopping but I don't want to do that quite yet! Those T25 results are amazing! I think I'm ready to commit.

Oh my the kids are so cute!! Finally some decent weather!

Janna Renee said...

I can't believe you are in the US and I can't see you. Haha

I hear great things about Beach Body! You are perfect for coaching!