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Well hello Friday. I am ready for you. I hope everyone noticed I blogged every day this week. ;) High fives.
Unfortunately we were at the vet for Cruz's ear this morning - it was healing really well and then she scratched it and now there is a large bump under where there was a scab. :(  Poor girlie. It's all shaved now and the vet took some samples of it to send away and we now wait to hear. We just have to hope the dog who bit her was in good health. In the mean time we have antibiotic cream for it. Thank you Cruz for stealing from my Phoenix outlet shopping fund. ;) She's  worth it though so I'll forgive her.
In happy news - today I have the super fun shop Handmade Lovelies to share with you!
The shop owner Kylie makes adorable baby leggingsmoccasins and now accessories.
And they are so reasonably priced!
Well Kylie sent Miss D 2 pairs of her leggings to review!
These in cream and black:

And these:
Well we LOVE them. 
They are the softest leggings we own!
We have worn them both a lot and always get compliments on them!
They are clearly comfy...

These will be so perfect for Spring too. I hear we are getting that here soon... ;)
So cute! :) Delainey is wearing 3 month leggings and they still fit her great. But she is a little munchkin.
And you can shop and get 10% off an order of $25 or more using the code SPRINGLOVELIES
Thank you again Kylie!
And because I am a slacker I took one outfit photo of myself! :) I managed to find time to dress my daughter up like a bunny for Easter photos but dressing myself - nah. And the lighting is horrible. Oh well.
{top: gap. jeans: old navy, boots: urbanog}
Happy weekend everyone!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

We have the same feather print ones :-) I love the black and cream print too!
Hope to hear good news on Cruz, poor girl.

Jennifer Golding said...

Poor Cruzie. Vet's sure can add up, makes me reconsider pet insurance. Have a great weekend!

Leigh said...

Those are such cute leggings! I need a little girl (and baby!) to dress up :) I love your jeans...did you get them recently?

Gabriella said...

Super cute leggings!! I hope poor Cruz is ok. Homie sends kisses!!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Cute leggings! I have to check them out!!

Poor Cruz! Hope she's ok :(

You look great! Cute shirt!

Ashley said...

Those leggings are adorable!!! I love that coral sheer shirt!!